1992: Lost in first round of playoffs OVERALL: 8-3 LEAGUE: 5-0 PLACE: 1st

COACH, YEAR: RECORD AT SCHOOL Rich Lawson, 7th: 49-30-2

TOP RETURNEES OFF DEF YR Franklin Saunders, 6-1, 180 RB SS Sr. Adam Crecion, 6-1, 190 WR DB Sr. Shanga Hankerson, 6-2, 255 OL DL Sr. Paul Van Acker, 5-10, 180 PK LB Sr. Kevin Norton, 5-11, 185 FB LB Sr.


TOP NEWCOMERS OFF DEF YR Lenny Grossi, 6-2, 190 TE DE Sr. Clint Tanner, 6-4, 185 QB DB Sr. Tom Racius, 6-2, 185 QB -- Jr. Dale Phantong, 5-8, 210 OL DL Sr. Jim Kelly, 6-1, 220 OL DL Jr. Mike Bryant, 5-11, 230 OL DL Jr. William Reeves, 5-11, 210 OL DL Jr. Mike Flannery, 6-4, 230 OT DL Sr. Tyler Fenwick, 5-11, 160 WR DB Jr. Ja. Giovannettone, 5-8, 160 RB DB So.

FAST FACT: Led by Justin Giovannettone’s 1,474 yards rushing and Saunders’ 930, the Eagles averaged 237.9 ground yards per game in 1992.

OUTLOOK: The Eagles, who have won 17 games in the past two years after winning one in the previous season, will again be a strong running team. Justin Giovannettone, a 1,000-yard rusher the past two years, has been replaced by Saunders. Considered one of the top senior running backs in the area, Saunders gained nearly nine yards per carry last year. Chaminade will have an inexperienced quarterback, either Tanner or Racius. “If (the coaches) can keep it together, we don’t have a weakness,” Lawson said. Chaminade will likely battle Notre Dame for the league title. The teams meet in the first league game Oct. 15.



1992: Did not make playoffs


COACH, YEAR: RECORD AT SCHOOL Dave Bennett, 1st: 0-0

TOP RETURNEES OFF DEF YR Don Donester, 6-2, 215 TB -- Sr. Germain DeMartinis, 6-0, 195 OG DE Sr. Chris Anderson, 5-11, 190 TE LB Sr. Marc Kessler, 6-4, 230 TE DE Sr. Kevin Goldfein, 5-10, 165 WR DB Jr. Chris Gabriele, 5-10, 190 QB -- Sr. Todd Lemkin, 5-10, 185 QB -- Jr. Danny Mason, 5-5, 210 FB LB Sr. Matt Sebree, 6-2, 185 PK P Sr.


TOP NEWCOMERS OFF DEF YR H. Davis-Mitzberg, 5-11, 190 OG LB Jr. Tony Caputo, 5-10, 195 OT -- Sr. Andy Hornichter, 5-10, 220 OT DT Sr.

FAST FACT: Last year, in his first season as a running back, Donester gained 717 yards in 149 carries and scored four touchdowns.

OUTLOOK: The Wolverines’ strength is their skill position players, particularly Donester and Goldfein, who had 18 catches for 216 yards last season. As practice began, the quarterback battle was between Lemkin, who completed seven of 27 passes in 1992, and Gabriele. The line on both sides of the ball and depth are going to be Harvard’s weaknesses. “We’re doing our best to get one-deep across the board,” Bennett said.

Notre Dame


1992: Lost in first round of playoffs


COACH, YEAR: RECORD AT SCHOOL Kevin Rooney, 14th: 68-65-4

TOP RETURNEES OFF DEF YR Jabbar Craigwell, 5-9, 175 QB S Sr Joey Orlando, 5-10, 170 WR DB Sr. Lei Malieitulua, 5-9, 225 RB LB Sr. Andrew Mikhail, 6-0, 210 OG DL Sr. Mike DiMartinis, 5-11, 175 WR DB Sr. David DuPetit, 5-11, 195 RB LB Jr. Chris Sailer, 5-10, 175 PK -- Jr. Jon Christian, 6-2, 205 OL DL Sr. Jon Velasquez, 5-10, 182 RB DE Sr. Eddie Romero, 6-0, 198 TE DE Sr. Brian Cauley, 6-4, 210 OL DL Sr. Anthony Jacquet, 5-10, 175 -- DB Sr. Greg Baldwin, 6-0, 195 OG DE Sr. Chris St. John, 5-11, 208 OL DL Sr.


TOP NEWCOMERS OFF DEF YR John Garcia, 5-8, 170 RB -- Jr.

FAST FACT: After starting 1-3 in ’92, the Knights allowed only six points in winning their next five games.

OUTLOOK: The good news for the Knights is they are loaded. The bad news is that means anything short of a league title will be a bad season. Besides returning 13 starting players, the Knights draw from a junior varsity team that was 10-0 in 1992. Craigwell threw for 873 yards in seven games, but with only a 45.6% completion rate. Malieitulua (693 yards rushing) and Orlando (596 yards receiving) were the team leaders at their positions. Sailer, perfect in 25 PAT attempts last year and automatic inside 40 yards, is one of the area’s best kickers.

St. Francis


1992: Did not make playoffs


COACH, YEAR: RECORD AT SCHOOL Bill Redell, 1st: 0-0

TOP RETURNEES OFF DEF YR Ben Kadletz, 6-4, 270 OT DT Sr. Bob Aubrey, 6-2, 195 FS TE Sr. Tim Valencia, 6-3, 245 OG -- Sr. Justin Vandercook, 5-9, 170 WR CB Jr. Ben Collins, 6-3, 190 TB -- Sr. Rob Claussen, 6-2, 215 -- LB Sr. Chris Cruz, 6-0, 200 -- LB Sr. Luke Barrett, 6-2, 175 QB -- Sr.


TOP NEWCOMERS OFF DEF YR Harry Daniels, 6-3, 260 OL DL Jr. Aaron Donavan, 5-11, 170 -- CB Sr. Billy Crammer, 6-0, 240 OL DL Jr. Angel Hernandez, 6-4, 225 C -- Jr. Josh Martin, 5-11, 190 -- LB Jr.

FAST FACT: Rudy Martinez, James Free and Barrett each attempted more than 20 passes for the Golden Knights in 1992.

OUTLOOK: Redell, a Valley coaching icon, has his work cut out for him in trying to restore St. Francis football to the position it once held in the area. The top two players are Kadletz, the Mission League lineman of the year in 1992, and Aubrey. At the skill positions, Barrett was seven for 23 with three interceptions after transferring from Bell-Jeff. Collins, the leading returning rusher, gained 331 yards. Redell said the team’s strength will be a big offensive line that reminds him of those he had at Crespi. “Of course, we don’t have Russell White running behind them,” he said.