PRO FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : Hostetler Expects to Play Against Jets

Quarterback Jeff Hostetler finally returned to practice at the Raiders' El Segundo training headquarters and showed little sign of the limp resulting from the sprained ankle that has sidelined him since the Cleveland Brown game.

"I expect to play," he said of Sunday's game against the New York Jets at the Coliseum.

Although Hostetler was injured in the first quarter against Cleveland, he continued to play but struggled in the second half, his mobility limited.

Despite a bye the next week, Hostetler knew he wouldn't be ready for the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

"I always want to play," he said, "but I knew early on (in the week) that I couldn't do it physically unless something drastic happened."

Nothing did, and Hostetler gave way to backup Vince Evans in a game the Chiefs won, 24-9.

"I still have my good days and my bad," Hostetler said, "but I have a few days until Sunday."

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