Southern Section Selects Crowley to Replace Thomas as Commissioner

Dean Crowley was selected as CIF Southern Section commissioner at an Executive Committee meeting Tuesday night at the section office.

Crowley, 59, replaces Stan Thomas, who was forced to resign last month for misusing his personal expense account.

Crowley has been a section administrator since 1976. He has been associate commissioner for the last five years.

"I am pleased to be at the helm for the rest of the year," Crowley said. "I look forward to directing the staff, which will continue to be committed to top service to our schools."

Crowley said the Executive Committee will review the commissioner's job again in June to see if further changes need to be made.

The committee wants to see what will happen with the state's continued efforts in strategic planning before appointing a commissioner for long term.

Crowley, who is in charge of basketball, golf, cross-country and track and field, will not be replaced. The section has a hiring freeze.

Thomas resigned Oct. 13 and was ordered to pay $5,000 restitution. Crowley had been serving as interim commissioner.

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