OC High asks: What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in high school?

Responses gathered by Joslin Gemsch, Capistrano Valley; David Brinkman, Edison; Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Christine Monette, Rosary; Cherie Chan, Marina; Leeza Duong, Santiago; Michelle Pham, Trabuco Hills; Kiran Jain, El Dorado; Courtney Adams, Corona del Mar; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Judy Tsai, Huntington Beach; Jennifer Tobkin, Villa Park.

“I was playing soccer. I dove for the ball, hit my head on the goal post and knocked myself out.” Josh Lubetkin, 15; Trabuco Hills

“In my freshman year I was walking down the hall, oblivious to everything around me, and I was walking too close to the wall. A teacher threw open the door and smashed me in the face in front of about 20 people. Not only that, I was wearing braces at the time and my entire upper lip was caught and cut up in the braces, so I had to go to the dentist for an hour’s worth of surgery.” Philip Seymour, 16; Edison


“I jumped off a boat and I caught my suit and it ripped up the side. I still went water skiing anyway. Our friends drove past us with their camera and started taping me.” Josh Van Ginkle, 17; Capistrano Valley

“Tripping over the sprinklers while looking at a guy.” Trang Nguyen, 15; Santiago

“When I slid down a banister on school steps and landed on my bum. Luckily not too many people were around to see it.” Hollie Lorentzen, 18; El Dorado

“I was on the pool deck at school and I was messing around with a friend of mine when I tripped over a backpack. In the end, my foot was broken and I was in a cast for six weeks.’ Sarah Curtis, 17; Corona de Mar


“The time I was at a swim meet at another school and, after the swim meet, I took a shower in the locker room and slipped and broke my elbow.” Jennifer Kettner, 16; Irvine

“It was the middle of math class and we were taking a test. I hadn’t eaten all day, and just as the class got quiet to begin the test, my stomach let out a huge roar--not a growl but a roar--and the whole class busted up laughing. At least I took care of those pre-test jitters.” Andrea Atkinson, 18; Huntington Beach

“I threw up in the middle of math class.” Jeff Szalina, 17; Fountain Valley

“I had an oral report in history class and I thought I was supposed to go on the 22nd (of the month), when it was really on the 20th. I stood in front of the class silently, without a lot to say.” Rick Ortiz, 17; Villa Park


“I was at a choir festival and I am an alto. I was standing in the soprano section.” Jennifer Jordan, 17; Capistrano Valley

“When I was standing around outside with a bunch of my friends during lunch--I was in my football game jersey and a bird pooped on my shoulder.” John Demarco, 17; Edison

“I was talking about another guy I was totally in love with on the speaker phone and my boyfriend heard everything.” Margaret Rolfi, 15; Rosary

“I haven’t been here (high school) long enough to do anything really embarrassing.” Mike Dulgarian, 14; Marina


“I was in one of my classes bending over my desk to talk to the girl sitting next to me. A guy walked up and told me my pants were ripped down the seam. I didn’t believe him, so I turned around to look and the seam of my pants was ripped all the way down.” Erica Chenel, 18; El Dorado

“One time, I slipped and fell at an advanced dance concert while the entire school was there watching me perform.” Libby Carreon, 17; Irvine

“I was wearing platform shoes (they make me 6-foot-1) and I was walking around the corner, looking straight ahead. Then, all of a sudden I bumped into someone and looked down. It was a freshman with his face in my chest, saying ‘Oh, baby.’ ” Erin Link, 17; Huntington Beach