Royal Coach to Reward Team With Doughnuts


After his Royal High boys' volleyball team did a number on Westlake on Wednesday, Coach Bob Ferguson planned a special trip.

Not to Disneyland. Not to Las Vegas.

To a local doughnut shop.

Whenever his Highlanders blank an opponent, as they did in the second game of a 15-9, 15-0, 15-10 Marmonte League victory at Westlake, Ferguson brings doughnuts the next morning.

Fine with him.

"Our goal is to play well and if you get a doughnut, you're playing well," said Ferguson, who has sprung for doughnuts only four times in his eight years at Royal.

The Highlanders (3-2, 3-0 in league play) dashed to an early lead in each of the first two games. But what they didn't do in the first, they did in the second.

"We need to concentrate on finishing games, and in the first game we were a little shaky that way," said middle blocker Eric Carlsen, who had 12 kills and six blocks.

The Warriors (3-2, 1-2) crawled back from a 9-1 deficit in the first game, but weren't afforded any such luxury in the second game.

"This was our least amount of offense all year," said Westlake Coach Mark Greenblatt, who received decent play from Jason Lee (13 kills) and Jeremy Ditlove (seven blocks). "I don't know what to say."

Carlsen knew what he wanted to say: "I'll be hungry."

The Highlanders took only about 15 minutes to blank Westlake in the second game. Carlsen had three kills and three blocks in the game.

Royal also received a level effort from Danny Rizzo, Scott Hambly and Mark Chaffee. They each finished the match with five kills. Rizzo had three in the second game.

The Highlanders curbed Lee's ability to take over matches.

"They were inspired because Jason's a good player," said Ferguson. "We pretty much limited his effectiveness tonight."

The Highlanders were fairly effective in the third game, despite sitting most of the starters.

Westlake took a 10-8 lead, but two kills and a block by Hambly pushed the Highlanders back toward victory.

And toward a couple dozen doughnuts, which just might be on the house.

"When I go in (this morning)," Ferguson said of his trip to the doughnut shop, "they'll probably just give them to me."

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