Raiders Expand Search for a New Fullback

Dissatisfied with their options at fullback, the Raiders are looking outside and inside the organization for alternatives. The club is talking to free agents Reggie Rivers of the Denver Broncos and Marc Logan of the San Francisco 49ers.

"It's a big need," Coach Mike White said. "But we feel there are different ways of addressing it. The Raider fullback of the past is nonexistent right now, someone who is 230 to 240 pounds and can open holes for our running backs."

White wouldn't rule out using a tight end or offensive lineman in that spot.

White insists he still wants fullback Tom Rathman to return, but concedes that a shoulder injury has affected Rathman's blocking skills.

The club is also talking to another free agent, cornerback James Hasty of the New York Jets. Hasty could fill the reserve role vacated when Lionel Washington signed with Denver.


After playing five exhibitions in each of the last two years, all on the road, the Raiders will play four this season, two at home, though the site is still up in the air.

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