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Susan King is a Times staff writer

Curious what's inside a radio and TV museum? Here's a sampling of the programs that visitors may view and hear at the new Museum of Television & Radio. (A * denotes programs that are among the most popular in the collection.)


* "President Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat" (March 12, 1933): In his first Fireside Chat radio broadcast, FDR reassures the nation about the safety of banks.

"Five Star Theatre: Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel" (May 15, 1933, NBC Blue): Radio comedy series starring Groucho and Chico Marx.

"The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour" (June 18, 1936, NBC): Rudy Vallee is the host of this radio variety series. In this entry, he performs the standard "Whiffenpoof Song" and Cornelia Otis Skinner and a young Vincent Price do a dramatic scene from the play "There's Always Juliet."

* "Mercury Theatre on the Air" (Oct. 30, 1938, CBS). Orson Welles and his players' landmark adaptation of the H.G. Wells' thriller "War of the Worlds."

* "Here's Babe Ruth" (Sept. 23, 1944, NBC): The Sultan of Swat answers questions about baseball on this sports radio series for kids.

* "The Camel Show" (no date, NBC). Abbott and Costello perform their classic routine "Who's on First?"


* "Howdy Doody Time" (1948, NBC): In "Howdy Doody for President," Buffalo Bob sings Howdy's campaign song and the Peanut Gallery tries to guess what his opponent looks like.

"President Harry S. Truman: Dismissal of General MacArthur" (April 11, 1951, CBS): President Truman addresses the nation from the White House about the Korean War and announces that Gen. Douglas MacArthur will be relieved of his Far East command.

"Ernie in Kovacsland" (1951, NBC): Episode of an early Kovacs comedy-variety series.

"The Guiding Light" (July 10, 1952, CBS): In this vintage episode of the still-running daytime series, Trudy and Meta discuss Meta's plans to leave New York and return to California.

"Our Miss Brooks" (Oct. 2, 1952, CBS): Premiere of Eve Arden's long-running comedy series about high school English teacher Connie Brooks. Richard Crenna and Gale Gordon also star.

* "World Series 1952, Game Seven, Parts III and IV" (Oct. 7, 1952, WNBT): The New York Yankees win their fourth consecutive World Series, beating the Brooklyn Dodgers four games to three. Mel Allen and Red Barber are the announcers.

"You Are There: The Death of Socrates" (May 3, 1953, CBS): A young Paul Newman, Robert Culp and Richard Kiley star in this drama narrated by Walter Cronkite; Sidney Lumet directed.

"See It Now: Report on Senator McCarthy" (March 9, 1954, CBS): The famous investigative examination of the controversial Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, by Edward R. Murrow.

"Gunsmoke: Matt Gets It" (Sept. 10, 1955, CBS): The premiere of the long-running Western series starring James Arness.

* "The $64,000 Question" (Sept. 20, 1955, CBS): In this installment of the quiz show, a Georgia housekeeper wins $32,000 answering questions about baseball.

* "Queen for a Day" (March, 1956, NBC): In this episode of the game show hosted by Jack Bailey, one housewife asks for power tools if she could be "Queen for a Day." Another woman wishes for a washer and dryer and the third contestant asks for a bicycle. The winner gets a house and food for her family.

"Winky Dink and You" (Feb. 16, 1957, CBS): Children were able to participate in this animated series by drawing on a "magic window" placed over the TV screen.

"Face the Nation: Nikita Khrushchev" (June 2, 1957, CBS): This special version of the news program was filmed in Moscow in the Kremlin office of the Soviet premier.

"The Edsel Show" (Oct. 13, 1957, CBS): The car may have been a lemon, but the Ford did spawn a musical-variety special featuring Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Crosby's son Lindsay. Included is a commercial for the 1958 Edsel.

"Masters Golf Tournament, Parts I and II" (April 6, 1958, CBS): Arnold Palmer wins the green jacket. Jim McKay is the commentator.

"77 Sunset Strip, Parts I and II" (Oct. 10, 1958, ABC): Premiere episode of the popular detective series starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

"Person to Person: Fidel Castro and Norman Rockwell" (Feb. 6, 1959, CBS): Host Edward R. Murrow visits with the Cuban leader, who discusses his childhood and political trials in Cuba. The second segment features a chat with the popular American illustrator.

"Nixon-Khrushchev Debate at the RCA Pavilion in Moscow" (July 25, 1959, ABC): The program covers the remarks of Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev at a cultural exchange exhibit in Moscow, where they viewed a demonstration of the RCA closed-circuit color TV system.

* "Rocky and His Friends" (Nov. 19, 1959, ABC): The premiere episode of Jay Ward's classic animated series features "Rocky and Bullwinkle: Jet Fuel Formula, Ep. 1," "Bullwinkle's Corner: The Swing" and a promo for "The Rifleman" with Chuck Connors.

* "Kellogg's Corn Flakes Commercial" (circa late-1950s). George Reeves, a.k.a. Superman, hawks cereal in this spot, which finds him out of his blue tights and wearing a bathrobe.

* "The Ed Sullivan Show" (Feb. 9, 1964, CBS). The Beatles make their first of three appearances on the musical-variety series.

"Shindig!" (Sept. 16, 1964, ABC): In the premiere of this rock-pop variety show, Sam Cooke performs "Tennessee Waltz" and the Everly Brothers sing "Come to Me." Bobby Sherman is among the regulars.

* "Lost in Space" (1965): Unaired pilot of the cult CBS sci-fi series starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright. Scored by Bernard Herrmann.

* "Star Trek" (1965): "The Cage," the unaired original pilot of the cult NBC sci-fi series, stars Jeffrey Hunter and Leonard Nimoy.

* "The Outer Limits" (Sept. 16, 1963, ABC): Cliff Robertson stars in "The Galaxy Being," the premiere episode of the sci-fi anthology series.

"Color Me Barbra" (1966, CBS): Dress rehearsal of the Streisand special that aired on CBS on March 30, 1966.

"To Tell the Truth (May 22, 1967, CBS): The final episode in the long-running masquerade series hosted by Bud Collyer and featuring panelists Kitty Carlisle, Orson Bean, Peggy Cass and Tom Poston.

* "The Woody Allen Special" (Sept. 21, 1969, CBS). Allen welcomes special guests Candice Bergen, Billy Graham and the Fifth Dimension to his one-hour comedy special.

* "The Brady Bunch" (Sept. 26, 1969, ABC). It's the pilot of the comedy series.

* "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (Oct. 5, 1969, BBC): "Sex and Violence," the premiere episode of the wacky British comedy series, aired on PBS on Oct. 6, 1974.

* "Sesame Street" (Nov. 11, 1969, PBS): Big Bird, Kermit and Bert and Ernie make their debut on PBS.

"The Dick Cavett Show, Part I: John Lennon and Yoko Ono and Stan Freberg" (Sept. 24, 1971, ABC): Lennon and Ono answer questions from both Cavett and the studio audience concerning the art of songwriting and rumors about Paul McCartney's death. With a discussion with comic ad man Freberg.

* "Jeopardy!" (Feb. 10, 1972, NBC). The 2,000th episode of the popular quiz show. Art Fleming is the host.

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