Ferrall's Harangue Over Harrick Gets Him Taken Off Air at XTRA

All-sports radio station XTRA has taken Scott Ferrall's nighttime syndicated talk show off the air for remarks Ferrall made against the station and UCLA on Monday night.

"We've suspended him indefinitely," said Howard Freedman, XTRA program director.

Ferrall, upset that UCLA Coach Jim Harrick does interviews with other XTRA personnel but was unavailable to do one with him, went into an expletive-laced tirade on the air.

Marc Dellins, UCLA sports information director, said the producer for Ferrall's show requested an interview with Harrick on Monday, and was told Harrick was booked up.

A similar outburst about two months ago got Ferrall fired from San Francisco's KNBR, his base station.

Ferrall's show is syndicated by Westwood One. XTRA broadcasts UCLA games.

His slot at XTRA will be taken by John "the Coach" Kentera, Freedman said.

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