It Wouldn’t Be a Week Without the Simers File

While I always enjoy T.J. Simers’ stories--even when I don’t agree--this time I can’t ignore what I believe is a gross exaggeration. In his recent column extolling the Raiders [Nov. 7], he suggested that the only reason Denver has more wins than the Raiders is because Mike Shanahan got his “training” from Al Davis. To suggest that Al Davis taught Mike Shanahan anything (except why coaches don’t last with the Raiders) is laughable.


Laguna Beach



T.J. Simers refers to John Elway as “the whiny one.” Because I am into self-flagellation, I continue to read Simers’ slimy column, although it is seldom accurate or informative (and rarely amusing).

Simers is a jerk (because The Times is a family newspaper I am precluded from stronger language) and I find it hard to believe he cannot find a better candidate to malign. T.J. probably can’t deal with a superstar who is articulate, smart, loyal to his family and community, has no arrests or illegitimate children and--unlike journalists--even knows how to pronounce athlete with two, not three, syllables.