Octuplet mom’s bid to block guardian rejected

An Orange County judge rejected an effort Friday by octuplet mother Nadya Suleman to prevent an independent guardian from reviewing the finances of her 14 children.

The judge ruled that county social workers should review a request by a former child star that a guardian be appointed to monitor the money the children get from media projects.

Last week, the state 4th District Court of Appeal stayed a lower-court ruling siding with Paul Petersen, who took Suleman to court over the issue.

Petersen, known for his role on “The Donna Reed Show,” is an advocate for children in the entertainment industry. He alleged that a video shot of Suleman’s children violated a law aimed at protecting child entertainers from overwork. The suit seeks to create an independent trust for the children.


Suleman said there was no need for a guardian. On Friday, the Orange County judge ruled that the guardianship issue should be considered and refused to throw out the case.

Suleman was already the mother of six when she had the octuplets. Media organizations have shot video footage of the children, and Suleman is to be the focus of a reality TV show.