Story will end happily for someone

It is interesting to note how two websites -- one for USC fans, another for UCLA followers -- dealt with this week’s O.J. Mayo follow-the-money story. Compare the headlines:

On “Yahoo! Sports: Tim Floyd Gave Cash to OJ Mayo.”

On “Yahoo Sports Continues Their Vendetta Against USC.”


Partisan politics are alive and well in Los Angeles.

Trivia time

When Charles Woodson of Michigan won the Heisman Trophy in 1997, which two quarterbacks came in second and third?

Tweet prediction

For enterprising journalists -- or fans with Internet access -- there is a new way to keep track of agent Drew Rosenhaus’ clients: Twitter.

Rosenhaus recently tweeted about Detroit running back Kevin Smith, who drew laughs by predicting the Lions would make the playoffs next season.

“I like Kevin Smith’s guarantee that the Lions will make the playoffs in ’09,” Rosenhaus wrote. “You must have confidence to succeed in the NFL and Kev has it.”

Rose-colored view

To the surprise of no one, Pete Rose said he believes Alex Rodriguez deserves induction into baseball’s Hall of Fame despite his admission of using steroids while with the Texas Rangers.

“I’m willing to give a guy a second chance,” Rose said in a radio interview on “The Dan Patrick Show.” He also said steroid use is a worse offense than betting on your own team to win.

“When you take steroids you have a direct outcome on the game,” Rose said. “That’s the integrity of the game. And when you can change records when you do something illegal, it’s just not right. . . . Baseball records are sacred. If you do something illegal to surpass those records, it’s just not good.”

Nor is betting on baseball, no matter which team you wager on.

Trivia answer

Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf.

(Question and answer provided by reader David Mirisch of Encinitas.)

And finally

From Reggie Hayes of the Fort Wayne (Ind.) News-Sentinel, on “Win Forever,” the upcoming book written by USC football Coach Pete Carroll: “Which is a slight variation of the original title, ‘USC vs. Notre Dame.’ ”