Kobe Bryant doesn’t score points in England


All in all, Wednesday was a pretty good day for Kobe Bryant.

First, he watched his favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona, complete a perfect season by adding the European Champions League trophy to its haul of 2009 titles by defeating Manchester United in the final.

Later, he and the Lakers took care of the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center to gain an edge in the NBA’s Western Conference finals.

Over in England, meanwhile, Bryant wasn’t earning any votes at the Guardian, which in a pregame column matched celebrity fans of Barcelona against celebrity fans of Manchester United.


“Kobe who?” asked the newspaper. “Apparently, he’s big in America, but so is shooting your friends. The L.A. Lakers’ main attraction claims that he’s Barcelona through and through and he loves watching soccer when he’s not counting his money.”

Thus dismissing Bryant, the Guardian gave the edge to Geoff Boycott, who apparently used to be rather useful at something called cricket.

Trivia time

Who is the only soccer coach to have won the European Cup/Champions League three times?

It’s all so super

From comes an NFL update:

“Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says there will be a London Super Bowl over his dead body. Throw in Al Davis, and you’ve got a deal.”

Loud, louder, loudest

John Daly has taken to wearing the most appallingly garish pants yet seen on a golfer, which is saying something.

The Times of London recently offered a sartorial salute with a 10-photo spread, but was less enthusiastic in its commentary.

Noting that the trousers come courtesy of a promotional arrangement with a California company, the newspaper said Daly has appeared in the bizarre outfits in four European Tour events this year, “each time looking like an escapee from the circus.”

Trivia answer

Bob Paisley, who led Liverpool to the title in 1977, 1978 and 1981.

And finally

After the New York Post reported spotting Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and actress Kate Hudson kissing at a nightclub, comedy writer Alex Kaseberg was sure it was true.

“Apparently they did,” he said, “because the next day she tested positive for steroids.”