Adrienne Luce


Executive Director, HMC Designing Futures Foundation

As appointed director of the Designing Futures Foundation, Adrienne Luce reorganized the core framework of the foundation to focus its support of education, architecture and design; sustainability and resilience; and livable communities. In addition, she created and launched social innovation teams in each of the HMC’s architectural offices throughout California.

The jolt to our community sensibilities in 2020 amidst national social-political divisiveness, the public witnessing of the death of George Floyd, the rise in the voices of Black Lives Matter, the reflections of the historical and ongoing inequities of fairness and opportunities in neighborhoods of color and the worldwide oppression of a pandemic mandated that the DFF rethink, evaluate and principally evolve from the ground on which it stands. As director of the DFF, Luce orchestrated and initiated a social justice and racial equity framework to inspire change.