Lara Schmoisman


CEO and Founder of The Darl

Lara Schmoisman was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she spent much of her time listening to the radio and watching TV. At just 14 years old, she started working at a radio station learning the ropes. From there, she went to school to earn a certificate in screenwriting and a B.A. in radio and TV production. Suddenly, life and circumstances took her to the United States to learn English.

Schmoisman worked in radio, TV, film distribution, digital, marketing and advertising before ultimately starting The Darl. She has made an impact in the content marketing space by providing accessible bilingual marketing resources and learning platforms to otherwise underserved Latinx communities. Her ultimate mission is to close the gap and make marketing accessible by educating the Latinx community on how to thrive and stand out in the American market.