Mari-Anne Kehler


Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

Mari-Anne Kehler, CDP, is the Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at GHJ. She is known as a staunch champion for driving and supporting diversity in the workplace. As a parent of an autistic son with a determination to live a self-directed life, Kehler has been a proponent for disabled self-advocates for over 20 years. Her son, Liam has lived in his own home with 24/7 supported living services since the age of 20. His fierce independence and passion for self-advocacy is the driving spirit for Kehler’s activist work to advance the rights and opportunities for all individuals.

Kehler is also committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts at GHJ and in the workplace. In addition, she became a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) in 2020. She is a driving force and leader behind DEI inside and outside of GHJ.