California Lawyers Association Promotes Privacy Law Section Offering Resources and Information

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Late last year, the California Lawyers Association (CLA) announced the formation of its new Privacy Law Section, which focuses on thought leadership around the legal, regulatory, and business issues involving privacy in the digital age. CLA’s Privacy Law Section provides invaluable education and networking opportunities, including webinars, conferences, and exceptional MCLE and continuing professional education programming for lawyers and non-lawyers who are working on the full cycle of data management issues.

In particular, CLA’s Privacy Law Section is designed to encourage a timely exchange of information regarding new and emerging laws and regulations related to the protection of personal data and create a centralized forum and resource repository with useful and current information about privacy legal issues. The Privacy Law Section will also provide practitioners with the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues by joining virtual and in-person networking events. In addition, the Section will participate in advocacy and rule-making activities in Sacramento and provide technical input on proposed changes to privacy laws.

In a statement, CLA’s CEO and executive director, Ona Alston Dosunmu, expressed how important this Section is in the current environment. “In California, the right to privacy is enshrined in the California Constitution,” said Dosunmu. “Our legal community and legislators have been leaders in debating, proposing and enacting privacy laws that will impact the global economy for decades to come. Following the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act on January 1, 2020, more consumers and businesses than ever are interested in understanding California’s privacy law landscape and connecting with others who practice privacy law in the state.

“CLA recognizes the central role that California plays in the global privacy debate and what it means to have privacy,” added Dosunmu. “CLA’s new Privacy Law Section will build upon and amplify the work CLA has already been doing in privacy within our existing sections, including antitrust, business law, intellectual property law, and international law and immigration. CLA is proud to continue its tradition of leading the way in promoting excellence in the legal profession in California - and in the world.

By creating a central meeting place and a home for privacy professionals, CLA seeks to serve not only California licensed attorneys but also other privacy and cybersecurity professionals around the globe who are looking for educational resources and thought leadership in privacy.”

CLA is actively seeking interested candidates to join the Privacy Law Section Executive Committee and to serve on the Section’s committees. CLA members may submit themselves for consideration and receive more information by contacting