Writers Guild vs. talent agencies

Hollywood writers and talent agencies are locked in a bitter fight over agency practices, with little progress to show after several negotiating sessions.

I opposed a Writers Guild's order to fire my agents. I was branded a ‘fifth columnist’

The WGA is behaving like the Teamsters of old. Today, even the Teamsters know that calling your negotiating partners “criminal cartels” isn't likely to be productive.

What you need to know about the fight between Hollywood writers and their agents

A Q&A on what's behind the fight between writers and their agents.

WGA sues four main talent agencies over packaging fee dispute

The union said it has filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the agencies — CAA, WME, ICM Partners and UTA — alleging that the widespread use of packaging fees violates state and federal laws.

Writer versus agent. The brutal truth behind a Hollywood fight

The WGA and Hollywood talent agencies have until Saturday to hammer out a new deal, or writers have threatened to fire their agents.

Writers Guild votes overwhelmingly for code of conduct limiting talent agency practices

The WGA said Sunday that 95.3% of members who participated in the vote, or 7,882 individuals, said they are in favor of the resolution, with just 4.7%, or 392 people, voting against it.

Writers Guild blasts plans by Endeavor for an IPO later this year

Endeavor, owner of the largest of several agencies that have transformed themselves into major Hollywood enterprises, appears to be laying the groundwork for a long-anticipated initial public offering.

The writers' fight with talent agencies continues, but one firm is bowing out

Abrams Artists Agency said in an internal memo Wednesday that it isn’t taking sides in the dispute between the Writers Guild of America and the Assn. of Talent Agents.

CAA sued by writer who claims agency stole TV pilot idea

John Musero was formerly a writer on HBO’s “The Newsroom." He claims his agents breached their fiduciary responsibility to represent him.

Aaron Sorkin and David Chase among the writers who support WGA in fight with agents

The unprecedented dispute has put Hollywood on edge as the two sides continue to negotiate in the days leading up to the April 6 deadline.

Writers Guild, talent agents find little common ground in early talks

The two sides, which are scheduled to meet again on Monday, are arguing over agency practices including packaging fees and the move toward TV and film production.

Hollywood writers consider firing their agents en masse

The Writers Guild of America is asking members to fire their agents if they don’t agree to a new code of conduct that would put a halt to packaging fees and production activity by agencies.

Talent agencies are reshaping their roles in Hollywood. Not everyone is happy about that

Endeavor and CAA are moving into the TV and movie production business, raising concerns of conflicts of interest.