Entertainment 2016: Year in Review

The 10 funniest memes of 2016

Black Twitter's greatest meme contributions of 2016

Top 10 celebrity stories from 2016

celebrity, gossip, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp, Angie Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp

'Loving,' 'Jackie' and 'Hail, Caesar!' make Kenneth Turan's top 10 films of 2016

Kenneth Turan's top 10 movies of 2016

Video game characters and stories held VR at bay in 2016

Super Mario Run, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and more.

On the road with some fascinating people in film, including Kate McKinnon

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of underseen movies from the past year.

Thrillers, a rock doc and a ghost story mesmerize, but bad horror drags down 2016

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of little seen movies from the past year.

Defiance, duplicity and the indie power of streaming helped strengthen film in 2016

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of underseen movies from the past year.

Animated films like 'Kubo and the Two-Strings' showed pluck and imagination

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of underseen movies from the past year.

2016 presented some gripping documentaries and extraordinary visions

Movie reviewer Noel Murray looks back on such underseen 2016 films as "De Palma," "The Eyes of My Mother" and "Peter and the Farm."

Unseen films of 2016 feature Nick Cave, teens and the best use of a Stones track ever

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of underseen movies from the past year.

Character-driven, kinetic filmmaking crosses genres in 2016

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of underseen movies from the past year.

Paternity issues, a father figure and the rise of diversity in film for 2016

Our reviewers weigh in with lists of movies that few audiences saw from the past year.

The 10 best albums of a year defined by loss

Los Angeles Times pop music critic Mikael Wood runs down his top 10 albums of 2016.

2016 moment: The day Barack Obama turned the White House into a rock and tech fest

When President Obama opened the White House to tech geeks, rock and funk bands, artists and social activists for South by South Lawn his presidency's cultural impact was on full display

2016 was a stellar year for women in theater, and yet ...

Sheila Callaghan saw her "Women Laughing Alone With Salad" get produced at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, yet she sees 2016 as further proof of the challenges facing female playwrights.

The movies story of 2016: The film academy and diversity

Cheryl Boone Isaacs and others look back at a historic year in Hollywood and the film academy over the discussion of representation.

From 'Full Frontal' to 'Fleabag,' it was a fertile year for television

Meredith Blake's picks for the top 10 TV shows of 2016.

'Atlanta,' 'Baskets' and 'Insecure' among the best on TV in 2016

Los Angeles Times television critic Robert Lloyd names his top TV shows of 2016.

Mark Olsen's top films of 2016 marked by the issues of women, men and the gaps between them

Mark Olsen's year-end top 10 list of films.

When Jimmy mussed Donny and the role of television in Donald Trump's win

Donald Trump's presence on television goes a long way toward explaining why he is president-elect.

Michelle Obama. Chance the Rapper. N.W.A. Green Day. Bob Dylan. The year's most memorable pop moments

The Times' pop team runs down the most memorable moments of the year.

Times music writers pick their favorite songs of 2016

We listened to a lot of music this year. These were our favorite songs.

Where culture went in 2016, Beyoncé went

Beyoncé became the most central figure in pop music n 2016.

'It hasn't left me': How Black Lives Matter used performance to create unforgettable 2016 moments

Most people think of visual graphics when they think of political art, but in 2016 Black Lives Matter used performance as an interesting means of activism.

Best theater of 2016: A strong showing for women in an otherwise challenging year

Theater critic Charles McNulty picks his favorite productions of the year, and notes how female artists helped galvanize stages in 2016.

Can 2016 really be called the year of the woman? Look to the arts world, and the answer is yes

With a new female president at Lincoln Center following the arrival of Rachel Moore at L.A.'s Music Center, the three top U.S. performing arts centers are now run by women.

The 10 most important books of 2016

The 10 most important books of 2016, as selected by LA Times Book editor Carolyn Kellogg

Architecture's top 10 for 2016

Critic Christopher Hawthorne highlights 10 standout projects of the year.

New video: top DVD and video releases of 2016

New video column: Noel Murray picks his top DVD, video and streaming releases of 2016