Selena Gomez is not kidding around with these sofas in ‘Good for You’ video

You knew she could act. You knew she could sing. But did you know that Selena Gomez can writhe on a sofa like nobody’s business?

That’s what the pop star does for most of the music video for “Good for You,” which appeared early Friday on YouTube. And we’re not talking just one couch but two: a lime-green velvety number and a more old-fashioned leather one. (Gomez looks equally comfortable on both.)

What the clip doesn’t feature is the visage or even the voice of rapper ASAP Rocky, who as we pointed out when “Good for You” premiered earlier this week was clearly hired to age up Gomez’s image with a woozy guest verse.

Then again, it’s not like she leaves much room for him on the couch.


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