Eat this or drink that? Calorie counts for your favorite foods and alcoholic drinks


It's a dilemma most of us face every day: what to spend our calories on? That second glass of wine at dinner sounds like a must, but so then does dessert.

To make our lives a little easier, Elite Daily put together some calorie comparisons for alcoholic beverages and our favorite foods. So the next time we can't decide between wine or cookies, we can just consult this list

Captain Morgan shots or pizza?

From left, pizza and Chrissy Teigen pouring shots of Captain Morgan. Credit: Jack Dempsey / Invision | Patrick T. Fallon / Los Angeles Times.

Five shots of Captain Morgan are the calorie equivalent of 1.5 slices of pizza. Then again, after five shots of Captain Morgan, you probably won't remember the pizza, or what you had for lunch that day.

Chocolate doughnuts or hard cider?

From left, a chocolate chip doughnut and a glass of hard cider. Credit: Joel P. Lugavere | Don Bartlettie / Los Angeles Times.

Chocolate doughnuts are hard to pass up for any reason. Unless you're planning on drinking a six-pack of Fall Woodchuck cider that same day. That six pack contains the same amount of calories as 5.3 chocolate-covered doughnuts. 

Red wine or chocolate chip cookies? 

Eat this or drink that? When deciding on what to indulge in this evening, take this into consideration. That one bottle of wine is the equivalent to three and a half chocolate chip cookies.

Eat this or drink that? When deciding on what to indulge in this evening, take this into consideration. That one bottle of wine is the equivalent to three and a half chocolate chip cookies.

(Elite Daily)

An illustration showing a bottle of red wine and three and a half cookies. Credit: Elite Daily.

Of all the calorie comparisons, this may be the hardest. Red wine or cookies? This is like asking a parent to decide which child they love most. One bottle of red wine contains the same amount of calories as three and a half chocolate chip cookies. Maybe just drink half the bottle and one cookie, because deciding between the two is impossible. 

Cheeseburgers or beer?

From left, a cheeseburger and beers from Oktoberfest in Germany. Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times | Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / EPA.

You can drink a six-pack of Bud Light beer, plus two more cans, or eat three cheeseburgers. We suggest eating one cheeseburger and having a couple beers. Everything in moderation right? 

AMF cocktail or vanilla ice cream cones?

From left, an electric blue cocktail and a vanilla ice cream cone. Credit: Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times | Getty Images.

You may be familiar with the AMF cocktail. It's an electric blue cocktail that contains vodka, rum, tequila, gin, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour mix and 7-Up soda. And you typically only order it on your 21st birthday, at a club in Las Vegas, after peer pressure from your sorority sisters. You can drink two of these, or indulge in three and a half ice cream cones. Go with the ice cream. 

Vodka cranberry cocktail or sushi?

It can be hard to decide between a vodka cranberry cocktail and sushi. Credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times | Lisa Romerein for The Times.

If you drink four vodka cranberry cocktails, you will be consuming the same amount of calories as 18 California rolls. So you'll need to decide on that trip to the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, or the bar. 

Champagne or wheat bread?

From left, a bottle of Champagne and wheat bread. Credit: Los Angeles Times | David Karp for The Times.

This one is a no-brainer. You an drink a bottle of Champagne, or eat six slices of whole wheat bread.

Piña colada cocktail or chocolate?

From left, a waitress serves a piña colada and Hershey's chocolate bars on display at a store. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times | Lisa Poole / Associated Press.

Piña coladas sound good on a sandy beach. But do they sound better than a bar of chocolate? Six Hershey's milk chocolate bars contain the same amount of calories as four piña colada cocktails.

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