We’re updating our Los Angeles area farmers market list. Want to help?

Los Angeles can be a fantastic place to live, lest you forget, even at this time year, when it’s too hot out and there’s that traffic, and so many of us dream of snow. Especially this time of year, really, when you can find farmers markets all over town, every day of the week, with some of the best produce in the country waiting for you.

So we’re updating our farmers market list, our interactive catalog of markets in the Los Angeles area.

These markets are sometimes as changeable as the Meyer lemons and blackberries and fava beans that they showcase, as are the farmers — their schedules, their pit stops, their specialties — who supply the markets and whose hard work we all rely upon. Especially with the vicissitudes of drought and weather. So if you notice a listing that’s changed, a market that’s new or has left, please drop us an email and let us know. We depend on these markets, and love them, as much as you do.

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