Print & Play: 3 puzzles for the quarantine-weary

Stave off the stir-craziness with these print-and-play puzzles.
(Los Angeles Times)

For those moments when you need to unplug, but you also want to be entertained: Here are three print-and-play puzzles for fighting quarantine fatigue. (Just remember to recycle the paper when you’re done.) Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

Can you guess what's missing? Hint: It has been in high demand.
Can you guess what’s missing? Hint: It has been in high demand.
(Ian Tullis / For The Times)

Can you crack this social distancing challenge?
(Ian Tullis / For The Times)

The puzzle of social distancing: Can you crack it?


Look closely: How many quarantine-worthy terms can you find?
(Ian Tullis / For The Times)

Extra Puzzles for Stir Crazy Saturday Section PDFs

Don’t cheat! You have to do the puzzle first before you peek at the answers.

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