Black plantfluencers and garden experts you need in your Instagram feed


Plants are for everyone.

And as the protests against racial injustice continue, a lot of people are looking for ways to follow and boost Black business owners, artists and creators. One way to do that is by following people on Instagram.

Here at L.A. Times Plants, we love “plantfluencers” — people whose Instagram feeds and stories are abundantly verdant. Here are some of our favorite Black plantfluencers, plant stylists, floral artists, enthusiasts, experts, and garden store owners to follow on Instagram.


Ten months ago, Tommy Engström quit his job in ad sales, packed up his Chicago apartment and drove to Los Angeles.

July 24, 2018


James in San Leandro, Calif., posts plant sales, care tips, and occasionally succulent-themed raps. Learn more about him in his website bio at



Plant enthusiast Stephanie currently lives in Alabama but is originally from St. Louis. She originated the hashtags #BotanicalBlackGirl and #BlackHandsGreenThumb.


Atlanta native and “your favorite Plant Auntie” Katura posts plant care, tips and advice for indoor gardeners.



Jimmy Williams started Logan’s Gardens almost two decades ago in Silver Lake. Today, Jimmy and his son Logan run the nursery and landscaping business and sell plants at the Santa Monica Farmers Market and the Hollywood Farmers Market.

Jimmy Williams and his son Logan are black owners of a popular Silver Lake nursery that sells organic vegetable plants and builds gardens for the rich and famous, but that didn’t stop the police from pulling them over in their work van one day, saying, ‘We’ve had several robberies in the area.’

June 5, 2020


Plant stylist, plant consultant and set designer Bri offers virtual plant consultations and posts photos of her “East Atlanta Eden.”



Nika Vaughan posts photos of the plants and natural skincare products available at her store in Chicago. Her highlights include advice on propagating and sharing her shop’s private collection.

(Photo by @jeremylawsonphotography)


Baltimore plant stylist Hilton Carter wrote the books “Wild Interiors: Beautiful plants in beautiful spaces” and “Wild at Home: How to style and care for beautiful plants”. He also offers classes on propagating plants.


Christopher Griffin has built an Instagram following of more than 180,000 with an infectious smile and community building through plants.

June 29, 2020


Plant consultant Amber in Wilmington, N.C., features photos of her garden and recent acquisitions, along with posts from around Instagram tagged #blackgirlsgardening and #blackgirlswhogarden.


Artist and florist Maurice Harris — recently profiled in LA Magazine — also runs Bloom and Plume Coffee in L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown neighborhood.



Plant shop co-owners Caitlin Gaul and Amanda Simard sell plants, pottery, cards and gifts from their nursery in Portland, Ore. They use Instagram to post updates about what they have in stock and photos of their store.

As coronavirus restrictions lift, firms are getting back to business and hoping for your support. Here’s a list.

June 5, 2020


Atlanta plant dealer Ryann Bradford runs Bradford Botanical & Co., a mobile boutique that sells plants as well as art, music and literature. She also does consultations for home, office, restaurants, weddings and movie and music video sets.



Cincinnati plant consultant and stylist Lucrecer is “on a mission to help my friends not kill their plants.”

Garden Marcus shares gardening tips and wise words from his garden in Houston. He lives by the motto “kindness, patience and positivity.”

June 24, 2020



Starsha runs pop-up plant sales and workshops around Washington, D.C.


Plant store owner Michelle runs Roots, which offers unique and rare houseplants from its location in San Francisco’s Mission District.



A plant stylist and consultant bringing Black boys into the conversation about plants, gardening and wellness in new ways. Recently featured in Curious Tribe’s “100 Influential Black Voices.”