25 stoner-approved gifts cannabis enthusiasts will actually use

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With cannabis consumption legal — either medically or recreationally — in 33 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and five more states voting on marijuana legalization measures in November, there’s a good chance your holiday nice list will include a cannathusiast or two. To that end, we’ve put together gift ideas for pot-loving people. The one thing they have in common? They aim to add a dash of style to the time-honored — and now increasingly mainstream — ritual of getting high.

(Note: Since cannabis remains illegal under federal law, we discourage trying to gift a product that contains it to anyone outside of California. Nor should it be gifted to anyone under age 21. For items below that contain THC and can’t be ordered directly from the company for delivery, we’ve included a link to L.A.-based dispensary Sweet Flower, which offers online ordering for both delivery or curbside pickup. In most cases, additional stockists and delivery options can be found at the respective brand’s website.)

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Miwak Junior ceramic pipes


L.A.-based Miwak Junior’s inspirations include Pre-Columbian culture, Japanese minimalism and the Space Age. The result is a line of ceramic pipes that will make you feel like you’re cradling a piece of art and a worry stone in your hand at the same time.

$70 to $120 | 👉 Purchase here

Rogue Paq Joie de Weed joint-rolling tray

Rogue Paq’s line of upscale smoking accessories has expanded beyond the roll-up-and-go carrying case we featured in our first cannabis gift guide back in 2018 to include gold-tone grinders, hemostat/joint clips and a joint-rolling tray (pictured) emblazoned with the words ‘joie de weed’ (a play on joie de vivre) that will add a dash of joie to the rolling ritual.

$49 | 👉 Purchase here

‘Higher Etiquette’ by Lizzie Post

Back in the Dark Ages of cannabis consumption, the only rule that seemed to matter was not to bogart that joint. But with marijuana’s move mainstream that’s just not the case anymore. And who better to help us apply the good old-fashioned rules of etiquette to the brand-new world of weed than Emily Post’s great-great granddaughter (and co-president of the institute that bears her name) Lizzie Post? Among the topics she tackles in “Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties” are consuming cannabis as a guest, budtender tipping and how to handle a canoed joint. Gift this and you’ll definitely deserve a thank-you note.

$16.49 | 👉 Purchase here


Mister Green Life Store mug

From Mister Green Life Store, a local must-visit for discerning dope dabblers since 2017, comes a 10-ounce coffee mug guaranteed to add a knowing chuckle or two to any Zoom-in work meeting (especially if the mug-bearer throws in a well-timed spit-take). The shop also offers bong water emblazoned water bottles.

$16 | 👉 Purchase here

Jonathan Adler X Higher Standards valet tray

This hand-made porcelain pot-print valet tray from the weed-themed collaboration between home-goods designer Jonathan Adler and upscale smoke-shop concept Higher Standards might be the right catch-all for the leaf-lover on your list.

$70 | 👉 Purchase here


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Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini joint filter

According to a study by L.A-based smoking accessories maker Moose Labs, the average cannabis pipe has 49% more bacteria than a toilet seat. That’s why, a few years back, they launched the MouthPeace, a funnel-shaped piece of silicone designed to drop in the top of a waterpipe and be swapped out from smoker to smoker. (The updated version, which came out last year, includes a replaceable filter.) Earlier this month and just in time for flu season (not to mention the ongoing COVD-19 pandemic) they’ve added a smaller, more discreet MouthPeace Mini to the mix that’s designed specifically for vape pens and pre-rolled joints. Sold in packs of two (with six filter discs), think of it as the stocking stuffer that’ll keep your favorite puffer cleaner than a toilet seat.

$9.99 | 👉 Purchase here

Lord Jones holiday-themed CBD gumdrops

Sure, CBD (THC’s non-psychoactive cousin) is all the rage these days, touted as the balm for just about anything that ails you. But Lord Jones has been doing the CBD thing longer — and classier — than just about anybody else. This time of year means the arrival of limited-edition holiday versions of its flagship product, beautifully boxed old-fashioned gumdrops (nine gumdrops per box, each gumdrop containing 20 milligrams of CBD) in seasonally appropriate flavors Sugarplum and Spiced Cranberry. Available starting Oct. 30


$50 | 👉 Purchase here (Sugarplum) and here (Spiced Cranberry)

a Pot for Pot at-home grow kit

Launched last year, Oakland-based company a Pot for Pot does exactly what the name suggests: provides the pot and everything the aspiring ganja green thumb needs to get their first grow on at home — except for the seeds (and each box includes a discount coupon to order those from a third party). Add water and sunlight to the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and this gift will go from seed-to-sesh in about one calendar quarter. The 5-gallon kit (pictured) is the bestseller, but smaller and larger sizes are available. Keep in mind that while the kits are legal to ship to all 50 states, the laws regarding cannabis cultivation (where legal) vary from state to state. (In California, each adult over 21 can grow up to six plants at a time.)

$99.95 | 👉 Purchase here

Old Pal ceramic stash jar

Old Pal’s stylish stash jars, a collaboration with Sister Ceramics, are handmade with New Mexico clay and feature a food-safe glaze inside. A glazing technique that dates back to Japan’s Edo period and a minimal almost futuristic silhouette combine to create a timeless design perfect for enhanced down time.


$72 | 👉 Purchase here

Tetra Valise keychain

Who wants to smoke a pre-rolled joint that’s been rolling around the bottom of a purse all night — or worse yet, tucked behind your wingman’s ear like a carpenter’s pencil? That’s the genius behind Tetra’s Valise keychain, a hexagonal metal tube perfect for stowing that on-the-go smoke.

$28 | 👉 Purchase here

Summerland water pipes

Does anyone you know smoke bongs (a.k.a. water pipes) any more? They might if said bong looked like the handmade ceramic ones from San Francisco-based maker of stonerware Summerland. At about 10 inches tall, the Pleasure Point bong (pictured) is unobtrusive — and stylish — enough that it wouldn’t look out of place on the mantel when not in use.


$225 to $275 | 👉 Purchase here

Pax Labs Pax 3 dual-use vaporizer

San Francisco-based Pax Labs long ago set the standard for an easy-to-use, fill-and-go vaporizer for loose leaf cannabis that delivers the THC (the part of the plant that gets you high) without combusting the plant material (and thereby preventing inhalation of tar and other byproducts of the combustion process). The most recent version — the Pax 3 — has the ability to vaporize cannabis concentrates (using an insert that costs an extra $50), extended battery life and a 10-year warranty. What’s left to do when you’ve perfected pot-puffing paraphrenalia? That would be add more color options, which they did in September. And it turns out two of those colors — a sage green and a close-to-sugarplum burgundy — feel downright holiday festive.

$200 | 👉 Purchase here

Apothecarry Two-Strain Travel Case

A gift worth considering for that special someone who is still storing their hard-earned stash in a desk drawer, shoe box or repurposed Dopp kit, the carrying and storage cases made by L.A.-based Apothecarry are humidor, lockbox and herb-organization system all in one sturdy Alderwood box. The two-strain travel case pictured here includes a tool pocket in the lid, a pair of storage jars (secured in place with elastic straps), a grinder and a removable tray.


$179 | 👉 Purchase here

Munisa Ceramica ceramic pipes

Juarez-raised, L.A.-based Isabela Munoz combines a love of the herb with the colors and shapes of Mexican culture in her less-than-a-year-old Munisa Ceramica line of handmade ceramic smoking accessories in the shape of foodstuffs including pipes in the shape of grapefruits, kiwis, mangoes and limes and guava-, papya- or melon-shaped rolling trays. Munoz says the peach-shaped pipes (like the Cheeky Peach pictured here) are her bestsellers.

$155 to $195 | 👉 Purchase here

Jacquie Aiche snakeskin lighter necklace

Do you know someone who loses their lighter when they’re lit? One stylish solution might be this black, snakeskin-textured mini-Bic-toting necklace from L.A. jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche’s pot-leaf-emblazoned Sweet Leaf collection.


$120 | 👉 Purchase here

Alex Reed for Commune cast stoneware pipe

What do you get when you cross Commune Design’s take on California craftsmanship (earnestly handcrafted, seriously high-end California with just a hint of hippie) with L.A.-based designer Alex Reed? If you’re lucky, a sleek, oblong cast stoneware pipe that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to smoke out of.

$180 | 👉Purchase here

Edie Parker Glass Strawberry Pipe

Did you know that the little “seeds” on the outside of the strawberry are technically the fruit and the red fleshy part isn’t? Put that in this hand-blown, strawberry-shaped pipe and smoke it. Other fantastical fruit shapes from accessories designer Edie Parker include bananas, peaches and limes. So why not buy one of each and gift a fruit bowl full of fruit bowls?


$115 | 👉 Purchase here

Drew Martin the Collection

By blending the sativa hybrid cannabis in its pre-rolled joints with botanicals, L.A.-based cannabis brand Drew Martin keeps the THC content low (in the 7% to 10% range compared to the 17% to 22% of most pre-rolls) and adds a dash of floral flavor. Both of these characteristics (not to mention some mad trippy packaging art) make the four packs of 2.6-gram joints perfect for socializing. The best way to introduce someone to the brand is with the Collection, which contains one pre-roll each of the signature spliffs; rose petal and peppermint; lavender and passion flower; chamomile, calendula and yerba santa; and ginger, damiana and lemon balm.

$40 | 👉 Purchase here

Kikoko Taste of Tea gift box

Female-founded, Emeryville, Calif.-based Kikoko’s line of cannabis-infused herbal teas are formulated in low doses that range from 3 milligrams of THC per sachet (chamomile valerian Tranquili-Tea) to 10 milligrams of THC (Positivi-Tea with mint and caffeinated green tea), which make them a good gift for someone baby-stepping into the world of cannabis consumption. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s no scarier than, well, a cup of tea.) Although dispensaries around the state stock tins of individual flavors, the only way you can get a four-variety gift tin is by ordering directly from the Kikoko website for delivery to most parts of the state.


$22 | 👉 Purchase here

Sweet Flower curated kits

The L.A.-based Sweet Flower dispensary chain has themed kits that cater to different moods with a mix of edibles and combustibles. Packaged in cute cloth bags emblazoned with allover print pot leaves (that should save you some wrapping time) they include the Fun Kit, the Pain/Relief Kit, the Get High & Stay Inside Kit, the Sleep Kit and the Calm Kit (pictured), the latter of which includes Sparkling Pear Camino CBD gummies, a Cosmic View 20:1 tincture and a Canndescent Calm pre-roll.

$40-$75| 👉 Purchase here

Potli Going Up cannabis-infused honey

Female-founded Potli makes a range of cannabis-infused pantry goods for the ganja gastronaut including sriracha sauce, extra virgin olive oil and raw honey. A 4-ounce jar of Going Up honey (pictured) serves up a 3.6 milligrams of THC per serving, which would result in a relatively mild bee-based buzz for most consumers. The company also offers a range of CBD-infused — but THC-free — products (including chili oil and apple cider vinegar) directly via its website.


$46 | 👉 Purchase here

Pop-Up Potcorn microwave popcorn

Berkeley-based Pop-Up Potcorn combines microwavable single-serving bags of popcorn with sea salt and cannabis-infused oil. Its 10 milligrams of THC and 189 calories per bag make it a good stocking-stuffer option for the calorie-conscience, edible eater who wants to take at-home movie night to another level. Also available in 5 or 20 milligram THC versions as well as three-bag multi-packs.

$9 | 👉 Purchase here

Papa & Barkley Releaf balm

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf balm is a pain-relieving topical with an ingredient list that includes coconut oil, beeswax and eucalyptus. It also has a 1-to-3 ratio of CBD to THC, which means it needs to be purchased through a licensed dispensary even though it won’t get anyone high. Tip: the 15-milliliter jar would be perfect to tuck into the toe of a Christmas stocking.


$30 | 👉 Purchase here

Pabst Blue Ribbon cannabis-infused seltzer

If there’s a PBR-loving, knit-cap-wearing, cannabis-consuming hipster in your life, you can might be able check off a whole bunch of boxes with Pabst Blue Ribbon cannabis-infused lemon-flavored seltzer. The brewing brand’s play into the cannabis beverage space (the 176-year-old brewing company doesn’t make the non-alcoholic beverage but licenses the name and logo to L.A.-based Pabst Labs) is a curious one, and this drink — which has a carbonated bite much like Lacroix — is certain to be a conversation starter. And, with just 5 milligrams of THC per 12-ounce can, chances are anyone who drinks it will be able to finish a conversation.

$24 for a 4-pack, $`120 (and free delivery) for a 24-can case | 👉 Purchase here

Kiva Confections Espresso Terra Bites

Each round metal tin of Oakland-based Kiva Confections’ cannabis-infused, chocolate-covered espresso beans contains 20 micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans enrobed in dark chocolate, each containing 5 milligrams of THC and a tiny kick of caffeine that can’t help but jump start a mellow holiday morning.


$25 | 👉 Purchase here

Julissa James and Amy King contributed to this list.

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