17 gifts for holiday hosts that you can pick up in L.A.

Illustration by Patrick Hruby / Los Angeles Times; animation by Li Anne Liew / For The Times


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There’s an old etiquette tip that when invited to someone’s home for a dinner party, you should “ring the doorbell with your elbows.” The following host gifts may not take two hands to hold, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Here, we have chosen gifts from Los Angeles stores in the hopes that you can easily grab something en route to your holiday party.

Suay Sew Shop remade flannel potholder

Remade flannel pot holder by Suay Sew Shop
(Suay Sew Shop)

Suay Sew Shop’s oversize (9-by-9 inch) one-of-a-kind potholder is made with three different recycled flannel fabrics and quilted with contrasting thread. The potholders are sewn in the Frogtown shop and are machine washable. The collection of remade flannel housewares also includes coasters ($28) and an oven mitt ( $42).


$26 at Suay Sew Shop

All Roads Studio Tea Towel

Tea Towel by All Roads
(All Roads)

This handwoven cotton kitchen towel from Joshua Tree-based All Roads Studio is great for drying your hands or adding a pop of color to your kitchen during the holidays. The hefty cotton towels are machine washable and get softer the more you wash them. We like that you can use them as a potholder if necessary. Heath Ceramics on Beverly Boulevard carries a wide variety of All Roads Studio’s distinctive tableware, including napkins, table runners and tablecloths.

$42 at Heath Ceramics or All Roads Studio

P.F. Candle Spruce Candle

Spruce Soy Candle from PF Candle
(PF Candle)

Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger started P.F. Candle Co. as an Etsy shop, but you can now find their candles in a wide variety of independent gift shops throughout Los Angeles, especially during the holidays, when the company offers its spruce scent. If you’d rather not bring something with a specific Christmas aroma, we recommend year-round grapefruit or amber and moss. And if you want to come up with something truly unique, you can add succulents to one of their recycled candle jars and offer it as a host gift.


$24 at P.F. Candle Co.

Rickett Brewing Co.’s Jolie Fleur Pink

375-ml bottle of Rickett Brewing's Jolie Fleur Pink (9 milligrams of THC per bottle)
(Rickett Brewing)

If your hosts are more interested in THC-infused beverages than wine or beer, bring them a bottle of Rickett Brewing Co.’s Jolie Fleur Pink. At a recent taste testing, the SoCal-based brewing company’s Champagne-like beverage was praised for its “lovely color,” “appropriately bubbly” carbonation and its “smooth and pleasant” and “wine-adjacent” taste that evoked everything from rosé to sour ale. One taste tester even commented, “This would make a great hostess gift.”

$14 to $22 at multiple L.A. dispensaries

If you’re looking for a creative holiday gift that you can buy right now, head to any of the independent Los Angeles shops in this guide.

Nov. 2, 2022

Plant cutting

Plant cutting in a vase
(Lisa Boone / Los Angeles Times)

The adorable Pilea peperomioides is known as “the friendship plant” because it produces so many baby plants, or pups, at its base that you can pull out, propagate and gift to friends. Simply cut one of the pups and place it in water. Place it — or another of your favorites — in a tiny bud vase from Heath ($32) or a recycled jam jar and offer it like a flower. After a week or two, when the cutting sprouts roots, it can be planted in a small pot. Note: Your host will probably say, “I kill plants.” Don’t worry. This theory has been disproved many times after similar gifting scenarios. For a visual, watch this YouTube video from the Crazy Plant Guy.

A plant suited to your host’s zodiac sign

Illustration of California poppy
(Lively Scout / For The Times)

We did some research and came up with the best houseplant for every zodiac sign. If your host is a Virgo, for example, an intricate bonsai money tree, or Pachira aquatica, which requires pruning and trimming, will satisfy their perfectionist inclinations. Or perhaps a California native plant is a better option? Do nonnative species from the Mediterranean and South Africa make your host apoplectic? Buy them a California native plant based on their star sign. Consult our handy guides for suggestions on which plants to give and where to buy them.

Greentree rope taper candles

Rope candles from Greentree taper candles
(Greentree Home)

Taper candles are always nice to have on hand to add romantic ambience (or illuminate during a blackout) and can be found in grocery stores and independent boutiques. Greentree hand-poured beeswax candles, which we spotted in a variety of local gift shops, come in several lovely shades and shapes, making them stand out from the grocery store variety.

$28 at BellJar in Los Feliz or Greentree Home

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Atelier Saucier Jungle Book cocktail napkins

Jungle Book cocktail napkins by Atelier Saucier
(Atelier Saucier)

Atelier Saucier’s fall collection is “all about extravagance and enchantment.” If your host is a maximalist who appreciates the concept of “more,” these 4- by 5-inch cocktail napkins on reclaimed fabric will suit their style perfectly.

$36 at Atelier Saucier

Nickey Kehoe winged hand broom

Winged hand brooms in tan and black
(Nickey Kehoe)

This Shaker-style flat broom is made by hand by Brooklynite Erin Rouse of Custodian Studio on an 1890s broom machine. Hand brooms work well for dusting cobwebs, but as conceived by Rose, they are a beautiful stand-alone artwork that will make a statement in your host’s kitchen. You can choose your bristles and cords preferences if ordering online through Custodian Studio.

$88 at Nickey Kehoe or Custodian Studio


Coffee from a local roaster

A pound of coffee from Canyon Coffee
(Canyon Coffee)

Canyon Coffee’s organic coffee, roasted in Los Angeles, can be found in most independent gift shops around town, as well as grocery stores like Gelson’s and Whole Foods. The local seller uses beans from Mexico, Ethiopia and Colombia, but owners Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz say their Beachwood beans, which are from Mexico and roasted in Los Angeles, are their most popular with L.A. coffee fans.

$18 at Canyon Coffee or multiple L.A. shops

Twenty-Four Blackbirds artisan chocolates

Handmade artisan chocolates by TwentyFour Blackbirds
(Twenty-Four Blackbirds)

You don’t have to drive to Santa Barbara to enjoy Twenty-Four Blackbirds artisanal chocolates. Potted in Atwater will be stocking the Flight of Truffles, caramels and Mexican drinking chocolate for the holidays. “I like to give and get useful and beautiful gifts,” says Potted’s Mary Gray. “Planters and food — what else is there?”

$30 at Potted or Twenty-Four Blackbirds

These innovative, environmentally friendly gifts and stocking stuffers save water and power for the eco-conscious this holiday season.

Nov. 2, 2022

K. Studio lavender plant sachet

Lavender plant sachet by K Studio
(K Studio)

A bundle of sachets filled with lavender and embroidered with plant details will make your favorite plant parent smile.

$36 at Lost & Found in Hollywood and Santa Monica or K Studio

Brightland vinegar

Vinegars by Brightland

Brightland vinegars, which we spotted all over Los Angeles, are made on a family-run farm in California’s Central Coast. Made with chardonnay and zinfandel grapes, navel and Valencia oranges, and ripe Triple Crown blackberries, the vinegars taste great. More important, they come in great-looking bottles with cool graphics.

$22 to $44 at these L.A. stores or Brightland

Pineapple Collaborative’s the Olive Oil

The Pineapple Collaborative Olive Oil
(Pineapple Collaborative)

Your hosts will never lose the olive oil when you gift them this delicious California-made organic variety that comes in colored tins — white, pink or yellow. For someone who appreciates substance over style, we should note that the tasting notes are described as “green tea, grass and ripe apple with a slightly peppery finish.”

$34 at Heath Ceramics, Broome Street General Store, Lady & Larder or Pineapple Collaborative


CarbonShack tiles

Tiles from CarbonShack

CarbonShack’s 6-by-6-inch Polycittaria Star ceramic tile, which takes its inspiration from the detailed etchings of 19th-century naturalist and scientist Ernst Haeckel, are too big for coasters but would make a great hot plate for your favorite host. CarbonShack tiles are hand-glazed on clay sourced from the Sacramento region and are designed, hand-decorated and fired in all-electric kilns in Los Angeles. The Polycittaria Star ceramic tile design is available in two colorways, Sky and Yellow. Dimensions: 6 by 6 by 7/16 inches

$38 per tile at CarbonShack

Front Range Planes Planter

A plant in a terra cotta pot from Front Range
(Front Range)

Eric Flanagan designs his modern handmade ceramic planter/saucer combo in unglazed blush and terra cotta earthenware clays and satin white glazed options as a way to complement the plants. Pair one with a plant from Greenwood Shop or Folia Collective, which both carry his line and offer potting services free of charge.

$38 to $46 at Greenwood Shop and Front Range (Folia Collective carries similar planters by Flanagan.)

Ace of Cups crystals and wine pairing kit

A winter solstice edition pairing of wine and crystals from Ace of Cups.
(Ace of Cups)

Sommelier Fahara Zamorano and Madison Young, owner of Mid-City’s Open Eye Crystals shop, have teamed up to to create a wine-and-crystals pairing for every seasonal shift. The Winter Solstice Ritual Kit from Ace of Cups features two biodynamic wines paired with crystals and intentional rituals to help you navigate the solstice. The box comes with guidance cards and, in a nice touch, there’s even a QR code that links to a moody Spotify playlist.

$150 at Ace of Cups

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