For the record

Afghanistan attack: In the Jan. 30 Section A, an article about an attack on military contractors at the Kabul airport reported that a gunman had killed three foreigners and a fellow Afghan. The Afghan who died was the gunman, who was shot and killed by security forces after the attack.

VA property lawsuit: In the Jan. 29 California section, an article about a legal settlement over the use of the Veterans Affairs campus in West Los Angeles said that by October, a homelessness expert would be hired to develop a master plan for the property. The October deadline is for completing the master plan, not for the appointment of an expert.

Vidiots closing: In the Jan. 30 Business section, an article about the upcoming closure of Vidiots movie rental store misspelled the name of Entertainment Merchants Assn. Chief Executive Mark Fisher as Marc.

Suge Knight: In the Jan. 30 California section, an article about Marion “Suge” Knight’s suspected involvement in a fatal hit-and-run gave Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina’s rank as captain.


City National sale: In the Jan. 27 Business section, an article about the benefits that City National Corp. expected from its sale to Royal Bank of Canada said that Canada was the second-biggest trading partner for the U.S. Canada is the largest trading partner for the U.S. The article also gave City National Chairman Russell Goldsmith’s age as 65; he is 64.