‘Selfie’ killer sentenced to life in prison for 2013 slaying

A 28-year-old Oakland man was sentenced to life in prison in connection with a 2013 deadly shooting that occurred during a drug deal outside a Walmart near the Oakland Airport.

Damion Sleugh was convicted in July of fatally shooting Vincent Muzac during a conspiracy to distribute marijuana, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in the Northern District of California.

Sleugh, 28, had told Muzac that he wanted to purchase 5 pounds of marijuana, but prosecutors said this was a ruse to rob Muzac of the pot.

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When Muzac would not hand over the marijuana, Sleugh threatened him, holding the gun about one inch from his body. Then, he opened fire.

Surveillance video in the parking lot near Interstate 880 showed Sleugh’s car speeding away after the shooting. Muzac’s body lay on the pavement.

To commemorate the moment, prosecutors said, Sleugh later sat in the seat where Muzac was killed and snapped a “selfie” photo of himself.

That photo was among several presented to jurors, who convicted him of six felony counts in all, including a finding that he committed first-degree murder.


U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers sentenced Sleugh to life in prison with an additional 35-year term.

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