Newsletter: Today: EgyptAir Flight Missing. Harsh Harvest, Revisited.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today.


An EgyptAir Flight Is Missing

EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew members when it went missing from radar and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, officials confirmed Thursday. A former president of the French air accident investigation bureau said the suddenness of the aircraft’s disappearance suggested it was unlikely to have been a mechanical failure. A search effort is underway to locate the plane.


Trump’s Supreme Dream Team

Donald Trump doesn’t have the GOP nomination yet, but he’s already thinking about how to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. So he put forward 11 names. All conservative, to ease the fears of Republicans. All from outside Washington, to prove he’s a rebel. And one who’s repeatedly mocked Trump on Twitter. Even after being mentioned, Don R. Willett tweeted, “New Yorkers and their lists, amirite?” with a link to the New Yorker article “The Hundred Best Lists of All Time.” If Trump’s elected, will he pick one of them?

More From the Campaign Trail

-- Joe Biden: Let Bernie Sanders run.


-- U.S. intelligence official says foreign spy services are trying to hack presidential campaign computers.

-- Track how many delegates Hillary Clinton, Sanders and Trump have.

A Pledge to End the Harsh Harvest, but …

Under what conditions is your food produced? That was the premise of a Times investigation, published in 2014, that exposed widespread labor abuses at Mexican export farms. It prompted Walmart and the Mexican government to vow reform. Now, the nation’s biggest produce industry groups say they are joining forces to promote responsible farm labor practices. Read on to see why the United Farm Workers is “a little skeptical” and how difficult it is to end the abuse.

Wet State, Dry State

Throughout most of the drought, the message has been: Share the pain. But after a mercurial El Niño season that left Northern California’s reservoirs brimming and the south largely parched, the state has decided to let local water districts set their own water savings targets. Some experts fear that could open the floodgates to regional conflicts. And given the complex way water is moved around the state, it’s not simply a matter of north versus south.

What War Films Get Right — and Wrong

Hollywood has portrayed soldiers as heroes, troubled souls and more, but how accurate are they in the eyes of those who fought and lived to tell? That was the subject of much discussion at the 29 Palms Military Film Festival, held in the shadow of the Marine Corps training center in the Mojave Desert. With Armed Forces Day coming up on Saturday, here’s a look at how some veterans view “Platoon,” “The Hurt Locker” and “Restrepo,” to name just three.


Diary of a Thoroughbred

A good workout. Heat and ice. A chiropractor visit, or maybe some acupuncture. It sounds like the typical life of an athlete, save for the consistent 4:30 a.m. wake-up call and the bale of hay. Such is the routine for Nyquist, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby and will look to prevail at the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown, on Saturday. Spend a day in the life of Nyquist.


-- In troubled, tiny Maywood, mileage stipends add to council members’ salaries.

-- The federal government is pushing back the funding deadline for the state’s bullet train by four years.

-- Brentwood School tries to address a video of students singing a racially charged rap song.

-- A giant space shuttle tank has arrived in Marina del Rey after an eventful trip. It will travel through the streets of L.A. this weekend.



-- President Obama considers expanding weapons sales to Vietnam.

-- George Zimmerman sells the gun he used in the Trayvon Martin killing, but he won’t say to whom.

-- Unrest continues to grip Venezuela as its president threatens to make the opposition-controlled legislature “disappear.”

-- Health officials will weigh declaring a global emergency as yellow fever strikes southwest Africa.

-- Spider science: Researchers create a synthetic silk that mimics the phase-shifting behavior of webbing.


-- At Cannes, Kristen Stewart reminds us why she’s one of cinema’s most promising young actresses.

-- Robin Wright fought for equal pay on Netflix’s “House of Cards” and won.

-- Bob Dylan returns to the Great American Songbook in “Fallen Angels.”

-- Good times for “black-ish” as it wraps its second season.

-- A new “Star Trek” series promises new heroes, new villains and a whole new look.

-- Video: Anthony Hopkins talks about taking risks and more with TV critic Mary McNamara.

-- Get a first look at Shanghai Disneyland’s rides in 11 videos.


-- Tesla will sell $2 billion in stock to speed up the production of its Model 3 sedan.

-- Mark Zuckerberg says many conservatives don’t trust Facebook to show “content without a political bias.”

-- Some mid-level managers are in line for a big raise.


-- Allegations of doping cast a shadow over the Olympic movement.

-- The Angels lose another player when Geovany Soto opts for surgery on his injured knee.


-- Meet the libertarians: the #NeverTrump movement’s last hope.

-- Can superdelegates be convinced to support Bernie Sanders? Unlikely, but not impossible.


-- The term “girl” is seemingly everywhere in pop culture — books, TV shows, etc. — but what does it really mean? (LitHub)

-- Sportswriter J.A. Adande argues for not cleaning up athletes’ quotes. (The Undefeated)

-- Photos: Kenyan authorities tear down condemned buildings in Nairobi, leaving thousands to struggle to find new homes. (Reuters)


Nobody walks in L.A. or shows up on time to Dodgers games? Not true. Look no further than Jay Lewitt and Rick Gottesman, who walked from Sherman Oaks to Dodger Stadium and arrived in time for pitcher Clayton Kershaw to take the mound. Read about what they saw on their tour of the city that stretched 22 miles. Or if you prefer, the equivalent of 323 times around the bases.

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