Newsletter: Today: ISIS’ Global Expansion Plan. For Trump, the Big Money Sits on the Fence.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today.


ISIS’ Global Expansion Plan

Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah: Those are among the cities that a U.S.-led coalition has recently retaken from Islamic State. Baghdad, Dhaka, Istanbul, Medina: These are among the cities that have suffered terror attacks claimed by or linked to Islamic State. Terror experts say it’s part of a shift in strategy by the extremists to focus less on building a caliphate and more on spreading terror worldwide. Read on to see how ISIS is putting its own twist on the Al Qaeda model.


For Trump, the Big Money Sits on the Fence

The Koch brothers and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson could easily write a seven- or eight-figure check to support Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. But so far, wealthy would-be contributors have been largely waiting and seeing. Unlike the big pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC that is sitting pretty with $88 million in contributions, a collection of pro-Trump entities is struggling to attract GOP donors. Read on to see how one super PAC said it had $32 million in commitments but only about $2 million came through.

More Politics

-- President Obama will campaign for Hillary Clinton in the hopes that his popularity can help hers.


-- Trump inspires supporters’ angst and anger over trade, but at what cost?

-- How can you tell a Trump or a Clinton supporter based on the TV shows and restaurants they like?

Britain’s Long Goodbye (Maybe)

The British need to work on those stiff upper lips. After the vote to leave the European Union, leaders just keep stepping down. As Michael Hiltzik writes, “no one has the will, or even the authority, to implement a Brexit just now.” Although that may change come September, don’t place any bets on what will happen.


A Street Racing Investigation Turned Deadly

Police in Southern California have grown increasingly concerned about street racing after a number of deaths tied to speeding. That’s why a task force was watching as nearly 80 vehicles, according to officials, gathered for an illegal car rally the Santa Fe Springs swap meet. One red truck fled, leading undercover CHP officers on a high-speed chase. When the truck made a U-turn and headed at the officers, officials say they opened fire — killing a 19-year-old driver.

Down and Thrown Out in Beverly Hills

Regulars of the Urth Caffé say George Saville’s wit and knowledge of current affairs has won him admirers among Beverly Hills’ rich and famous. “At best he is charming, at worst he is harmless,” says talk-show host Larry King. So what if Saville’s homeless? City officials say he is an “aggressive panhandler,” charged with two misdemeanors and ordered to stay away from the restaurant after a run-in with a private patrol known as the “greenshirts.”


Self-Driving Cars: The Two Roads Taken

Tesla and Google have been in the driver’s seat when it comes to developing self-driving cars. Last year, Tesla released a feature called autopilot, enlisting drivers to participate in a “public beta phase.” Since then, they’ve driven 130 million miles before a fatal crash in May. Google, on the other hand, says it won’t release self-driving car technology until it can do away with human drivers entirely — essentially making it human-proof. Which strategy is better?


-- A father headed to Turkey, trying to save his son from Islamic State. Instead, he was killed in the Istanbul airport attack.


-- Bosnian Muslims in Southern California may not fit the stereotype, but they feel the prejudice.

-- Can Gov. Jerry Brown keep the promise of a temporary tax increase he made with Proposition 30?

-- What you need to know about the 17 propositions on November’s statewide ballot.

-- Who are California’s top-paid CEOs? Check out this list. Many are in Silicon Valley.


-- Why California is lagging behind the rest of the country in offshore wind farms.

-- Tenacious, mysterious and maybe endangered: A wolverine roams the West.

-- Restaurant critic Jonathan Gold gets a taste of the hot chicken trend and sees the dawn of “an era where happiness is measured in Scoville units.”



-- L.A. celebrated a multicultural Fourth of July in Grand Park.

-- Samosas, sambusas and pizza: How Californians end their Ramadan fasts.

-- Why did officials tow a dead dolphin on the beach in Ventura?



-- Juno has arrived at Jupiter. Here’s what happened.

-- After 150 years, the Ku Klux Klan sees opportunities in U.S. political trends.

-- A new sense of vulnerability grips Israeli settlers after the stabbing of a 13-year-old girl.

-- The body of a missing Wisconsin student was found in a river in Rome.



-- After 20 years with American Ballet Theatre, a South Pasadena native takes her bow.

-- At the box office, “Finding Dory” reigns supreme over “The Legend of Tarzan” and “The BFG.”

-- The married songwriters behind “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and “On Broadway” are now characters in the Carole King musical “Beautiful.”


-- Even after nearly 60 years, Larry King doesn’t say no to interviews.

-- Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami, who was just invited to join the film academy 20 years after winning Cannes’ top prize, has died at age 76.


-- The historic Tejon Ranch opens its gates to the public. Cost: $2,500 for a family membership for a five-month season.


-- How low can bond yields go after investors flee to them once again?


-- In an NBA free agency surprise, Kevin Durant chooses the Golden State Warriors.

-- Bill Plaschke: Lakers great Jerry West is helping create a Warriors dynasty, and that hurts.


-- Roger Federer schooled former USC star Steve Johnson at Wimbledon.


-- A letter from 2056: Utopian L.A. is where everyone wants to live.

-- Another letter from 2056: Dystopian L.A. gives you everything you love to hate, only more of it.



-- Even death is no excuse when it comes to paying off New Jersey’s student loans. (ProPublica/New York Times)

-- A look back at the golden age of fake movie architecture. (The Baffler)

-- Bookworm’s paradise: when people lived in apartments in New York’s libraries. (6sqft)



Carnitas Michoacan #3 is known for its “24 hour tacos” as well as its nachos, super fries and a Ms. Pacman machine that still sits in the corner. Its soda is served in paper cups featuring the 2013 Los Angeles Angels schedule. After 33 years, though, the restaurant that’s always open may close for good. Its owners says the landlord wants to rent the space to a Panda Express.

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