Gregory C. Scott

OC Visionaries 2022

President & CEO
Community Action Partnership of Orange County

Gregory C. Scott serves as president & CEO of Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAP OC), part of a leading national network championing the war on poverty, racial and economic equity, strengthening families, youth empowerment and education, and community development. He came to his position as a person with life experience growing up in poverty serving as the organization’s first Black CEO. Scott’s experience of growing up in poverty in Paterson, NJ, shaped his personal and professional mission to end the cycle of poverty in two generations. It has made him steadfast, courageous and effective as a leader. He takes into consideration what his donors want and steadfastly executes his mission to help clients achieve life-changing transformations. In an effort to walk the walk, Scott recently increased the pay of every CAP OC employee to California’s living wage in 2021, setting a precedent for other local organizations to follow.