Patricia A. Wenskunas

OC Visionaries 2022

Founder & CEO
Crime Survivors

Patricia Wenskunas is the survivor of an attempted murder. She took her own experience and became a force for good, helping victims of violent crime rebuild their life and sense of safety. Forming Crime Survivors 19 years ago, she has built it into the powerhouse organization it is today. Wenskunas works with law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s office, social workers, therapists and other service providers to offer wrap-around services for victims of violent crime. These victims are often children, women, minorities and others who have nowhere to turn for help. Crime Survivors offers individual assistance, along with classes, holiday events, supplies for daily living and more, so clients can not only survive but thrive. From her Orange County-based office, with the support of her board of directors, Wenskunas provides these vital services for crime victims throughout Southern California.