Letters: Transitional kindergarten program makes sense


Re “Preschool we can’t afford,” Editorial, Jan. 23

We were pleased the transitional kindergarten editorial recognized the vital role of early learning in preparing children for success, even though it expressed doubts about a bill to expand transitional kindergarten. We all want what’s best for children, and that’s why we need SB 837 (by state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg) now.

The bill, which would expand and improve transitional kindergarten’s existing early learning program, moves past the rhetoric of prioritizing children to actually investing in the next generation. This program would provide high-quality, equitable kindergarten readiness by teaching young children the foundational skills they need for academic and lifelong success.

Since 2008, our state has cut more than $1 billion from early learning programs, depriving more than 110,000 children of the opportunity to learn.


Indeed, the bill creates an “entitlement,” but isn’t it time that we recognize that young children are, in fact, entitled to learn? We owe it to the next generation to overcome the opportunity gap and give them the chance to start school at their best.

Molly Munger, Pasadena

Kim Pattillo Brownson, Los Angeles

Munger is the founding co-director of the Advancement Project; Brownson is the group’s director of education equity.

Your editorial opposing a bill to provide transitional kindergarten for all 4-year-olds didn’t mention the costs for remedial education and other support systems for the numerous students who fail to achieve grade-level standards beginning in the first grade and continuing through high school.

I’d rather front-load the maximum benefit than be met at the end with absolute loss. That cost is too high.

Janet Layton

Seal Beach


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