Letters: Who's to blame for Rachel Corrie's death?

Re "Judge rules for Israel in U.S. activist's death," Aug. 29

Rachel Corrie's death in Gaza beneath an Israeli bulldozer was indeed tragic, but we shouldn't blame the victim. Or the bulldozer operator. Or the Israeli judicial system.

The real culprit in this tragedy is the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a pro-Palestinian group that sends young activists into a dangerous military zone to place their bodies in front of condemned Palestinian homes. The rationale is the belief that somehow a Westerner's life is more valuable than an Arab's. When the inevitable happens, the ISM raises a stink.

Rather than continuing to seek justice from the Israeli government, Corrie's parents should be calling for an international investigation into an organization that turned their daughter from an idealistic college student into cannon fodder.

Eric Gardner

Redondo Beach


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