Letters to the Editor: Supreme Court is destroying U.S. credibility on women’s rights

Protesters pray in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Antiabortion protesters pray in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 1.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Being born and living in this wonderful country as the granddaughter, daughter and wife of military veterans, I am ashamed that our Supreme Court justices are taking us down a dark path on reproductive rights. (“Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law puts all of our constitutional rights in jeopardy,” Opinion, Dec. 10)

The Times recently published an article about young women whose only “crime” was wanting to play music. They had to escape their birth country if they wanted to live and still play music — a right in this country.

However, many of the jurists and politicians in the United States have no desire to allow women in this country to keep what should be a personal right. The uncaring elites restricting decisions by forcing their ecclesiastical dogma need to be ostracized, or they should move to a nation that enjoys controlling the populace.


The justices who promised in their confirmation hearings that they would be objective on this issue are not. They appear ready to allow lawmakers to impose their personal religious beliefs on everyone.

Anne Wimberley-Robinson, Oceanside


To the editor: Happy Holidays from the Supreme Court! We declare that women, depending on where you live, no longer have control over your reproductive rights. Your right to privacy is null and void.

Also, state snitches can sue you, and anyone else who helps you exercise control over your body is also fair game for a lawsuit. It’s a new career path in Texas. Can’t wait to move there because it costs less. The trade-off is control of your body.

Speaking seriously, we shouldn’t complain about foreign governments that quash women’s rights, because it’s being allowed in the United States.

Women, we need to wake up and demand the government give us back our privacy and control over our body. Men, you are welcome to join us. Here’s your New Year’s resolution.

Judy Diamond, Northridge