Letters to the Editor: Presidential candidate Newsom would be a dream for Republicans

Gov. Gavin Newsom disembarks Air Force One in Long Beach during President Biden's visit to California on Sept. 13, 2021.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The premise that Gov. Gavin Newsom could win the presidency on a progressive cultural agenda is patently absurd. Or it amusingly assumes that the U.S. will abolish the electoral college before 2024. (“Newsom is smart to attack his fellow Democrats. Presidential run or not, it’s good politics,” column, May 12)

It also vividly illustrates that Democratic politicians and political advisors, and columnists like George Skelton, remain tone deaf to the vastly changed mood of large swaths of what might have been becoming politically purple.

There is nothing that any Republican presidential candidate would love more than running against making the entire U.S. “look like California.” Think an outrageous cost of living, one-party rule, huge income disparity, blackouts, homelessness and rampant fraud enabled by ridiculous policies.


Yep. Bring on Newson — his fingerprints are all over the aforementioned.

Kip Dellinger, Santa Monica


To the editor: “Play by the rules” is a mantra that we try to pass on to our children. But it isn’t what we have been telling our political leaders. Democrats are telling their leaders to stretch the rules or change them, and Republicans lately are being told to break the rules, especially if they want to win.

Among Democratic leaders, we are saying get rid of the filibuster or pack the court. As for Republicans, we merely need to look at the popularity of former President Trump, the ultimate trickster.

Given that context, Skelton’s advice for Newsom, who has already begun an attempt to toughen fellow Democrats, is to not only uphold abortion rights, but also to pursue term limits for judges. Of course, this aggressive strategy will only be effective if Newsom is launched successfully into the presidency.

Lynn Lorenz, Newport Beach