Letters to the Editor: Have Biden’s critics forgotten what a nightmare the Trump years were?

President Biden.
President Biden last week in Rehoboth Beach, Del.
(Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

To the editor: I take issue with the news analysis, “Biden, who ran on competency and experience, is struggling to manage multiple crises.”

Perhaps the writer forgot how we all lived on edge every single minute of every day during the previous presidency — how we worried about what ridiculous lie would be spewed or what person or group would be viciously attacked, all to glorify Donald Trump.

President Biden has done a truly amazing job in office thus far. On the pandemic, his administration made sure that vaccinations, boosters and medications have been available at no cost. With bipartisan support, he was able to pass a massive infrastructure bill that all of our recent presidents could only dream about.


Inflation is high, but that is beyond his control. It is international and can be largely attributed to the war in Ukraine and a post-pandemic reaction to supply chains rebounding. Unemployment is low and wages are up.

As for the “botched” Afghanistan withdrawal, getting out of a long-term war is a messy business. I have not heard anyone in the media ask what if we hadn’t gotten out — how would the media be playing it if we were still watching Americans returning home in body bags?

The president indeed has a very full plate, but he has handled things with competence, dignity and respect for all people.

Larry Justad, Cathedral City


To the editor: Biden is not struggling; he has already failed.

Like President Trump never quit being a businessman, Biden has never quit being a senator. His personality quirks were tolerable as a senator, but now are glaring deficiencies as a president.

Not even two years into his term, his own party has reportedly begun considering alternatives in 2024.


David L. McDaniel, Capistrano Beach


To the editor: Of course Biden is struggling, but let’s keep before us the ineptitude of the previous president. As far as I am concerned, the previous president and his team contributed very little to the good health of all of us.

The pandemic we are experiencing and the number of deaths incurred are unconscionable. Real patriots within all political parties must stop bickering, come together and put the good of everyone first.

Mary Leah Plante, Los Angeles