Letters to the Editor: We need to seriously consider outlawing alcohol ads

A fire caused by a crash allegedly involving a drunk driver is put out on the 15 Freeway in Escondido in 2019.
A fire caused by a crash allegedly involving a drunk driver is extinguished on the 15 Freeway in Escondido in 2019.
(OnScene TV )

To the editor: While I understand the call to install electronic devices in cars to detect impairment in the wake of the terrible crash on Highway 33 near Fresno in 2021, I think it’s time to attack the problem at its root.

We need to seriously consider no longer allowing the advertising of alcoholic beverages. The use of alcohol contributes to so many social ills that it’s hard to list them all.

Look at what happened when the advertising of tobacco was finally outlawed. Smoking dramatically decreased and deaths were reduced.


Drinking is at least as dangerous as smoking. There will be tremendous pushback against any laws limiting the sale or use of alcohol, but if we want to seriously confront the dangers of drunk driving, outlawing advertising would be a good first step.

Peter Marquard, Northridge


To the editor: All new cars should have at least two revolutionary electronic devices installed at assembly.

One is the alcohol detectors that would help prevent an intoxicated person from driving. The other is a device that could disengage a car’s electrical fuel pump during a police pursuit, bringing the speeding vehicle to a halt before any damage can be done.

If we can send people to the moon, why not have these lifesaving devices on Earth?

Morley J. Helfand, Arcadia


To the editor: As you reported, there are new calls for passive alcohol detection devices to be included in all new vehicles.


These nearly three years of COVID-19 have brought many personal sanitary habits, including sanitizing with alcohol wipes and sprays upon entering a vehicle. Why penalize law-abiding citizens with another poorly thought-out rule?

Steve Gurnari, Escalon, Calif.