Letters to the Editor: All mayors start fast. What will Karen Bass do differently?

Mayor-elect Karen Bass at an event just after she was declared the winner on Nov. 17.
Mayor-elect Karen Bass at an event just after she was declared the winner against Rick Caruso in Los Angeles on Nov. 17.
(Christina House / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I’m sure Los Angeles Mayor-elect Karen Bass would like to act fast, but the keys to housing homeless people lie with the City Council.

After all the recent elections, action was demanded, sleeves were readied to be rolled up, work was to start Day One on ... some kind of plan for homelessness in someone else’s district.

We’ll see. I wish Bass the best, but the task is enormous as is the needed budget.

Phil Brimble, Los Angeles


To the editor: Rick Caruso lost the possibility of winning my vote for two reasons. (“How Karen Bass prevailed against Rick Caruso’s $100-million campaign,” Nov. 18)


First, he claimed to be a “proud Democrat” but explained the GOP had moved away from his values. So, he still held traditional Republican values but was proud to be a Democrat. This, to me, was doubletalk and made me question his credibility.

Second, he declined to appear at (or send a representative to) any forum I attended. It appeared that he did not want to be in front of an audience that would confront him on the issues.

This, to me, suggested a reluctance to work with those who would challenge him and meant it would be hard for him to work collaboratively in this diverse city.

His actions led me to doubt that he had the values I expect in an elected official.

Barbara Motz, Valley Village