Letters to the Editor: The depressing reason Trump is losing Republican support

Members of the House Jan. 6 committee hold their final public hearing in Washington on Dec. 19.
Members of the House Jan. 6 committee hold their final public hearing in Washington on Monday.
(Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor:Trump continues to lose support among Republicans” — seems like good news at first, doesn’t it? Half the country is beginning to come to its senses on former President Trump?

But, no. Support for Trump among Republicans isn’t fading because they’ve realized he’s a con man who tried to steal classified documents, overthrow a legitimate election by inciting an insurrection and all that.

No, it’s because they figure he’s not helping them win elections. They do not have the guts to stand up and say in public that the 2020 election was clean, Joe Biden really is the president and the insurrectionists on Jan. 6, 2021, weren’t tourists.

Until that happens, not one single Republican deserves to hold any public office in this country. They sure won’t be getting my vote.


Barbara Carlton, El Cajon


To the editor: The televised final meeting of the House Jan. 6 committee made a truly compelling case that Trump committed crimes. In deciding on prosecution, however, the Department of Justice should take into consideration the impact of a trial on the millions of remaining Trump supporters.

The best way to avoid further turmoil would be for the department to negotiate a plea bargain conditioned on Trump’s public admission that the outcome of the 2020 election was not based on fraud, plus a binding commitment never again to seek public office.

Thomas P. Bernstein, Irvine

The writer is a professor emeritus of political science at Columbia University.


To the editor: I was shocked to read that “only 71% of Republicans had a favorable view” of Trump. Since when is 71% considered “only?”


How is it possible that 71% of Republicans still have a favorable view after the conviction of the Trump Organization for tax fraud in New York, the Jan. 6 report, his hosting of racists and antisemites at his home or the ridiculous digital trading cards?

Kendall Wolf, Encino


To the editor: It appears Trump wanted to be declared president (dictator) for life. What he did to this nation was unprecedented, but more importantly, the federal government must prosecute him even if doing so is unprecedented.

Trump getting elected was perhaps one of America’s biggest mistakes, and we are paying the price now for his false claims of a stolen election and much more.

The House Jan. 6 committee laid it all out. If the Department of Justice does what it should, Trump will go to prison. America can’t claim we are a democracy if he is not held accountable.

David Milton, Laguna Beach