Letters to the Editor: Ignore Marjorie Taylor Greene? No, let’s talk about her

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene heckles President Biden during his State of the Union address on Feb. 7.
(Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images)

To the editor: I’ve always liked columnist Jackie Calmes, but I disagree with her argument that we should ignore Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). She will not just “go away.” People like her don’t do that. Rather, we should give her a lot of ink.

Refer to her as a leader of the Republican Party who wants to split up the country, ignoring a war that was already fought. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) is very thankful that Greene supported his bid for the speakership, so one has to wonder if he’s OK with her belief that Jewish space lasers may have caused wildfires in California.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Let’s keep those articles on her very stupid ideas coming, and let’s also point out that her fellow Republicans support her.


Gary Coyne, South Pasadena


To the editor: If we are not careful, we may end up with Greene as our next president.

Once again, the media are obsessed with a politician who is nothing more than a provocateur who says outrageous things purely for a reaction. Didn’t we learn anything from 2016?

Neither Greene nor former President Trump is a politician in the traditional sense of the word. They are both narcissists with an unending appetite for attention that the media are all too willing to give them.

Trump was elected thanks in part to the constant exposure he was given by the media due to his “entertainment” value and their quest for an audience. It is happening again with Greene. It must stop now, or we will have yet another disaster in the White House.

Brian Gough, Santa Barbara


To the editor: Just why is Calmes in a lather over Greene? She is 0.2% of one half of Congress, which is a third of the federal government. She isn’t worth the ink, unless she is a useful foil like Trump.


William N. Hoke, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: Greene is my representative, and I couldn’t agree more with Calmes. She is and always has been an embarrassment. Her views and opinions are off the planet.

It is amazing that a huge percentage of voters in northern Georgia voted for her. I did not.

Georgia has two Democratic senators, and it voted for President Biden in 2020. Gov. Brian Kemp has been a great Republican leader. It is amazing that a large state like Georgia can make such a mistake backing Greene.

By the way, I’m a Republican.

Willie Olmstead, Powder Springs, Ga.



To the editor: Maybe it’s not so crazy to take Greene’s suggestion for a national divorce seriously. After all, with California recognized as having the fourth- or fifth-biggest economy in the world, just think how “Blue America” would rank with the addition of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts and several others.

We would need an open border policy to connect this disjointed geography, but I think that would be doable. I’d suggest a 10% tariff on goods imported from “Red America” to cover operating costs.

Stephen Lash, Carlsbad