Readers React: St. Louis fans to L.A.: The NFL’s your problem now

Football fans cheer for the return of the Rams to Los Angeles on the site of the old Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood on Jan. 12.

Football fans cheer for the return of the Rams to Los Angeles on the site of the old Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood on Jan. 12.

(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

As they had been whenever the league would flirt with Los Angeles during its 21-year absence, The Times’ letter writers were ambivalent this week when the NFL made it official and announced the Rams would be returning to Southern California from St. Louis.

But what about writers from St. Louis?

The few who sent us letters us were similarly cool to the NFL and unshaken by their team’s departure. They were glad to no longer be dealing with the league.

Tom Maher of Des Peres, Mo., doesn’t regret losing the Rams:


As a proud lifetime resident of the St. Louis area, I want to share with the people of L.A. the following observation.

Now that our suffering is over in St. Louis, the predominant feeling among many of us regarding the Rams’ departure is good riddance to the team and the league. These people can no longer be trusted and I, for one, hope that our civic leaders resist any effort to try to attract the NFL.

It’s a losing proposition for everyone except the team and the abusive cartel that is the NFL.

Bix Fisher of Saint Peters, Mo., harbors no bad feelings for L.A.:

Congratulations to Los Angeles. Most of us in St. Louis do not hold any ill will toward L.A. fans. You got your team back.

St. Louis is a great sports city, and we appreciate good owners and teams that at least make an effort to get to their respective playoffs every year. We are blessed to have the Cardinals in baseball and the Blues in hockey. We will support them and kiss the NFL goodbye.


As for the NFL in St. Louis, I think it’s safe to say we won’t be getting another team for a while. We have learned our lessons: First, never take a team from another city, and second, if the league wants to go back to St. Louis, it should go through expansion with a local owner who uses his or her own money to build a stadium.

We in St. Louis will never hold anything against fans in L.A. Enjoy your team and remember the relationship between our two cities is kind of like the new husband and ex-husband: You just married the person who divorced us. We can still be friends, even though we have no use for your new “spouse.”

Gerald Goerger of St. Louis warns Los Angeles fans about the NFL:

As a former St. Louis Rams fan, I am happy the team is returning to Los Angeles. As many St. Louisians feel, we do not hold grudges against any players, but we can’t say the same for NFL Commission Roger Gooddell, Dallas Cowboys owners Jerry Jones (a big supporter of the Rams’ ownership) and Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

St. Louis accommodated what the team said it needed to stay here. The league and Kroenke acted deceptively, and now your city will have to endear itself to Kroenke’s arrogance and deceitful methods.

The good side of this move is that we in St. Louis will now get better teams to watch on TV. After your honeymoon period with the Rams is over, L.A. fans may be wishing the same.


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