Readers React: Democrats are being feckless and lazy in refusing to impeach Trump

President Trump returns to the White House on May 28 after a state visit to Japan.
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To the editor: Whether the Democratic Party leadership is afraid or just too comfortable in its position, I reject its argument that commencing impeachment proceedings against President Trump is not the proper action to take.

I understand the challenges, but I believe the only way to defeat Trump will be through prompt impeachment proceedings that shed light on all his misdeeds in a manner that we can all understand. From what I have seen, his misconduct is very different from President Clinton’s in the 1990s.

We should not let Trump or his supporters intimidate us from taking the right course of action. They may be loud, but I believe that there are more of us who think that his actions deserve this scrutiny.

Daniel Luna, West Covina



To the editor: The report by former Justice Department special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the posture of many Democrats are distractions from the biggest election crisis of our time.

Voter roll purges, gerrymandering, scarcity of polling places and a lack of transparency are the real problems we face. American oligarchs, empowered by the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, are far more dangerous to our democracy than Russian oligarchs.

The Democratic majority in the House must repeatedly vote on election reform and send those measures to the Senate, in much the same way the GOP House voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


My family and I have been donating to the Democratic Party for decades. Until its members stop wasting time on investigations, and start relentlessly legislating for open and fair elections, we will withhold any donations.

Michael Krubiner, Valley Village


To the editor: I was a young lawyer during the Watergate proceedings, which I followed closely. Now I am retired, but I am still a close watcher of our government.

The major flaw in the arguments for impeaching Trump seems to be confidence that Republican elected officials can rise above party politics and the partisanship of today like their political predecessors of the Watergate era who reacted to the evidence of President Nixon’s wrongdoing.

Those Republicans in 1974 had concerns about the well being of this country and the character to act responsibly. Not so today. The character of Republicans like Rep. Charles Wiggins, Sen. Hugh Scott, Sen. Barry Goldwater and others enabled them to do the right thing.

Today, I am sad to predict it will never happen with regard to Trump.

Michael H. Miller, Los Angeles


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