Readers React: It makes no sense for California’s pro-Trump farmers to continue supporting the president

A Central Valley almond orchard near Ripon, Calif.
(Mike Nelson / EPA )

To the editor: It’s nice to be reassured by the politically conservative farmers in the parts of California that voted for President Trump that they no longer require immigrant workers in their fields, thus they will continue to swear fealty to the man in the White House. (“Raids and tariffs? We’ll take our lumps, say California farmers,” April 21)

The farmers in this article say they will “take a few bullets” to ensure that Republicans are guaranteed to play by their own rules, regardless of its outcome. These diehards in the San Joaquin Valley seem much more intent on pushing their political support for the far-right agenda than having any concern for the well-being of the state.

California is a Democratic stronghold, and these people are concerned only in promoting the GOP. That’s not going to work here.


John Reed, Hemet


To the editor: This past July, my brother and I were in the middle of researching for a book we are writing about Texas agriculture. What we found is that Texan pecan farmers, and likely pecan farmers all over the nation, were experiencing huge increases in demand because China was placing massive order for pecans.

Pecan growers all over Texas have been operating with their eyes toward expansion, which is likely the case for California nut growers as well. However, plans for expansion are dependent on a stable price, which may not be the case if China, which happens to be an enormous importer of pecans and walnuts, slows down its ordering because of a trade war with the United States.

Unlike corn, wheat and soy, which are staple foods, pecans and walnuts are more of a luxury, so if the price drops drastically due to a lack of demand, then there may be little to no protections afforded to cash-strapped farmers.

Samuel David Garcia, Cambridge, Mass.

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