Readers React: Will the #MeToo movement affect the fortunes of Newsom and Villaraigosa? We can only hope


To the editor: I agree 100% with former Democratic Party political strategist Shawnda Westly that using #MeToo activism to advance political careers “degrades the movement.” (“How will the #MeToo movement shape California’s race for governor? Voters are starting to find out,” Feb. 11)

Gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa were in positions of power when they had extramarital affairs as mayors of, respectively, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In Newsom’s case, he confessed to an affair with a woman who worked for him; Villaraigosa had a relationship with a Telemundo reporter.

We should expect powerful leaders not to take advantage of their positions of power as Villaraigosa and Newsom did. Can the viewers of Telemundo trust a man who slept with a reporter who covered him? And can we trust Newsom, a man who slept with a top aide’s wife, who also worked for him?


California needs a governor its people can trust. Hopefully, voters have learned of the danger of electing self-centered candidates not worthy of their trust.

Howard C. Mandel, Los Angeles


To the editor: Did you really just publish an entire article about the #MeToo movement’s effect on the race for governor without once mentioning the major female candidate in the race?

Democrat Delaine Eastin, a former Assembly member and state superintendent of public instruction, is capturing the hearts of progressives across the state. Why would our state’s flagship newspaper overlook a highly qualified, dynamic woman in an article directly addressing women’s issues?

I appreciate your thoughtful coverage of the challenging #MeToo issues hovering over this election cycle, but part of the cultural shift necessary for lasting change to come from the movement is for media and society to take women seriously.

Loraine Lundquist, Northridge



To the editor: Bringing attention to Newsom’s and Villaraigosa’s sexual peccadillos will hopefully cause California Democrats to consider voting for our treasurer and former state controller, John Chiang.

No one knows as much about our state’s finances, projects and pensions as Chiang. He’s not a showman, but rather an expert on our state’s issues and will knowledgeably stand up to the Trump administration when it comes time to finance our infrastructure.

Chiang has shown he is trustworthy and competent.

Lynne Shapiro, Marina del Rey

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