Opinion: What’s the real reason for shutting down Santa Monica Airport?

Santa Monica Airport will close in 2028, officials announced.
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I’m sure that all the people who ran businesses at Santa Monica Airport for decades, and were strong-armed out of their life’s work by an over-eager Santa Monica City Council, will find only bittersweet satisfaction that the airport shall now remain in operation without them for another 11 years. (“Santa Monica Airport will close in 2028 and be replaced by a park, officials say,” Jan. 28)

The city is trying to portray this agreement with federal officials as a great victory for local government, but it is really a case of municipal overreach and civic incompetence by a bunch of politicians with itchy fingers for real estate development.

Perhaps the city of Santa Monica should now be compelled to make restitution for the damages they unnecessarily inflicted upon those whose lives were ruined by the grandstanding City Council members.


Michael Gastaldo, Santa Monica

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