Readers React: Trump: I would have rushed into the Florida school. Readers: Just like you did with Vietnam?

President Trump holds a meeting with U.S. state governors at the White House on Feb. 26.
President Trump holds a meeting with U.S. state governors at the White House on Feb. 26.
(Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA )

To the editor: President Trump told a group of governors at the White House on Monday that he would have responded to the Valentine’s Day attack on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., by running into the school, armed or not. (“Trump says he would have rushed into Florida school, unarmed,” Feb. 26)

Really? Just as he had rushed into Vietnam as a young man, bone spurs and all?

William K. Holdsworth, West Covina



To the editor: Trump claimed that he would have run into the high school in Florida unarmed.

Why didn’t he run into the jungles of Vietnam as John McCain and John Kerry did? Why didn’t he fight like Bob Dole or John F. Kennedy did?

These men had enough power to avoid service in Vietnam or during World War II, but they chose to serve their country.

Nancy Burba, Los Alamitos


To the editor: Trump says he would have tried to stop the school shooter in Florida bare-handed. He thinks teachers should confront killers firing assault weapons.

Really? My wife taught for 37 years. My daughter, like her mother before her, is a teacher. On a personal and professional level, they’ve shown moral and physical courage far in excess of anything Trump has exhibited.

Without question they would shield their students from a killer vigorously expressing his 2nd Amendment rights. Arming teachers and expecting them to engage in a gunfight is another matter entirely.

I wouldn’t expect Trump or his National Rifle Assn. enablers to acknowledge this difference, because they seem to be brave with other people’s lives.

Tom Murray, Arroyo Grande


To the editor: With the Florida school shooting, the president was yet again given an opportunity to raise above the ongoing political fray by making a decisive and strong stand on guns, only to within days come forward with arming teachers as his strongest position.

His call to raise the gun purchasing age to 21 appears dead on arrival following his lunch meeting with NRA leader Wayne La Pierre. And, when NRA advocate Dana Loesch recently said, while standing behind the same podium used by Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference, that the media “loves mass shootings,” nowhere was Trump to be found.

If there is one consistency in this Trump administration, it is “scattershot,” and we need to stop being stunned each time it reappears on his stage.

Conrad Corral, Cathedral City


To the editor: Thousands and thousands of Trumps should be stationed at schools across the country. Problem solved.

Wes Correll, Irvine

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