Opinion: Yes, all presidents lie — but no one matches Donald Trump

Speaking at CIA headquarters, President Trump falsely accused the media of creating a feud between himself and the intelligence community.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Let’s see if I understand: It’s OK for a president to lie if he gets away with it. Or if he thinks it’s necessary. Or if other presidents have lied. Or if he gets caught and apologizes. (“There’s a long history of presidential untruths. Here’s why Donald Trump is ‘in a class by himself,’” Feb. 6)

After all, everybody lies, right? So why should presidents be any different?

But President Trump is in a completely different category. He gets away with it, and he thinks it’s necessary. He knows he’s lying and he never apologizes. We are told there are “alternative facts.”

Our president assumes that if a lie is told loud enough and often enough people will soon believe it. It’s happened before.


And the lies keep coming. Lots of people seem to believe him; those who don’t believe him don’t matter. He doesn’t care what people think unless they agree with him.

And this is to be expected; just look what other presidents have done.

Heaven help us.

Diana Wolff, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: Permit me to add a seventh White House whopper. (“White House whoppers: Six times a president misled the public,” Feb. 6)

In May 1960, when the Russians shot down our U-2 spy plane overflying their country, the Eisenhower administration announced that it was a weather plane that had strayed off course. Since the Russians had the wreckage and knew it wasn’t a weather plane, the only people the administration was deceiving were the American people.

It was quite an eye opener for this naive teenager when the truth came out.

Kevin McGill, Chula Vista


To the editor: What? You write that Reagan was famous for “embroidering” the truth? After viewing footage of the Nazi death camps, he was so moved that he assumed he was there? He did not know the difference between Culver City and Dachau?


I read that paragraph over and over and still cannot believe it.

Judith Braun, Woodland Hills

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