Readers React: Just deal with it, Trump supporters: We have an unqualified president

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Then-candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton speak during their second presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016.
(Christian Gooden / TNS)

To the editor: A letter writer complains that he is “sick of” being reminded that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election by almost 3 million popular votes, and that since President Trump won the all-important electoral college we should “deal with it.”

I can certainly understand the gentleman taking umbrage at having the legitimacy of the Trump presidency called into question, as he sneaked into the White House on what is, essentially, a technicality because he won by a margin of about 80,000 votes spread conveniently across three states.

Thus, instead of an experienced, educated and actually qualified president in Clinton, we are saddled with the ineptitude of a grifting and embarrassing administration. I’d appreciate Trump supporters dealing with that.

Jan Rainbird, Irvine


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