Letters to the Editor: Don’t throw out the death penalty. Indisputably stone-cold killers deserve it

The execution chamber in Huntsville, Texas.
Shown is the execution chamber in Huntsville, Texas.
(Pat Sullivan / Associated Press)

To the editor: While I agree that many aspects of capital punishment in the United States are flawed, I firmly believe that we should retain it for the most heinous of crimes.

The L.A. Times Editorial Board points out all the instances of “Southern justice” and the disproportionate application of the death penalty on minorities and the poor. In a significant number of capital cases, there may be some doubt about the verdicts and sentences.

However, in many cases we are dealing with stone-cold killers who show no remorse and whose sociopathic viciousness puts them beyond redemption. To those who say capital punishment is somehow inhumane, I would submit that many who deliberately kill should be prepared to forfeit their humanity in return.

Improving sentencing guidelines to prevent miscarriages of justice may be a worthier goal.


Tim Geddes, Huntington Beach

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