Letters to the Editor: Trump’s real impeachment jurors are swing-state voters, not senators

President Trump speaks to the media outside the White House on Saturday.
(Eric Baradat / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: I agree with the L.A. Times Editorial Board that there is a strong argument not only for impeachment, but also for the conviction and removal of President Trump.

But the latter, as we know, would hinge on some sort of mass Republican professional death wish. Loyalty seems to run deep (at least in one direction) among the rank and file these days, so it seems the most damage to be done by impeachment is to weaken Trump in order to try and prevent a second term.

As I see it, that leaves it up to a thin purple line of persuadable voters in those few states that will actually be in play next November. They will be the final and only real jury to push the electoral college over the line, releasing Trump’s grip on this country.


John Pierson, Pasadena


To the editor: Has your editorial board taken leave of its senses? Has there been an outbreak of mass hysteria in your newsroom? Are all of you in a state of abject delirium?

I watched every minute of every hearing, and as a retired attorney, I found the testimony that was presented to be hearsay. Moreover, your contention that Trump must immediately comply with a House of Representatives subpoena without the right to insist upon prior judicial review violates the bedrock concept of the separation of powers. Even a lowly citizen may seek to quash a subpoena.

Your apparent hatred of Trump has overpowered your logic. This all very sad.

Richard Burcik, Malvern, Penn.


To the editor: Your editorial in favor of impeaching Trump was right on target. He has profaned his oath of office by repeatedly flouting the constitutional limits on the chief executive.

As it happens, I am a historian of the United States. To my knowledge, we’ve never had a president who has so brazenly ignored the rule of law. That the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani recently traveled to Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden shows that Trump and his minions think they are immune to consequences.


The House needs to prove them wrong.

Glenna Matthews, Laguna Beach


To the editor: Your editorial along with many letter writers conclude that Trump will be impeached by the House but the Republican-controlled Senate will acquit him. This prompts us to consider the 2020 election and ask these questions:

How can any honest person vote for someone who cannot stop lying?

How can any woman vote for a man with a history of debasing women?

How can any fiscal conservative vote for someone who fights tooth and nail to hide his taxes and has overseen our national debt ballooning to $21 trillion?

How can any scientist vote for someone who repudiates everything we know about pollution and global warming?

How can any veteran or active soldier vote for a man who avoided service during the Vietnam War?

How can any patriotic American vote for a leader who has invited a foreign power to intervene in our election and attacks public servants who protect our national security?

Ted Carmely, Sherman Oaks